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  1. E

    Possible Bugs: Dogmeat does not leave quest locations with me / high crash count in Vault 81

    Hi there, during my play on PC in the last couple of days, I ran into two more issues: At two quest locations, namely Vault-Tec Sub-Basement and "Franklin the Martian's" place, Dogmeat as my companion was missing after leaving the places. Had to prid and moveto player to get him back. I do...
  2. daretadakatsu

    Vit o matic visual bug

    Not sure if it's supposed to look like this, as its the first time i've used it... I am running the game in 21:9
  3. G

    Knowledge Equals Profit Quest not completing

    Since I've only seen one other person make this bug report, I thought it would help to add mine. In my game, the radiant Quest brought me to Mass Pike Tunnel. The quest item was a generic vanilla folder in a green loot chest. Upon picking it up, the quest did not update, but the quest marker now...
  4. J

    Plotting the Future Bug (Save File Attached)

    So I started a new game, with the same modlist I was using previously, the only difference being I took out all SimSettlements related mods/addons/cityplans and added SS2, SS2 extended files, as well as Superstructures as Wasteland Ventures for SS2. I started the game as normal, and then was...
  5. W

    Plotting the Future Bug

    I have encountered a bug during the Plotting the Future wherein The Stranger finishes building the industrial plot,, and the objective is marked as completed (as seen in the screenshot); however, the quest doesn't move past this point,, and you are unable to talk to The Stranger Save Files...
  6. D

    City plans and Mayors bugged.

    Xbox one player. City plans don't work - the area gets deleted and cleaned, but that's it. Nothing gets built. Mayors don't do anything if you assigned them to the desk - they either get unassigned or just sit there with the game not acknowledging they are the mayor. Apart from that loving...
  7. V

    [Stuck] on "New Plots on the Block" (different bug than others?)

    Hi fellow settlers, The quest New Plots on the Block seems to be stuck for me. I've built multiple Commercial, Martial and Recreational plots. All Jake does now is say "Alright, everything seems to be going well so far." After re-creating them for the 10th time, something did trigger where...
  8. M

    Where there's smoke cutscene

    My camera breaks during the cutscene preventing dialog options from appearing, wondering if anyone has a fix for this yet.
  9. W

    CTD on save load after 1.0.0c update

    I've been crashing to desktop. I have minimal mod list: Papyrus log attached. Is it a known bug or what? Also is there more logs somewhere?
  10. P

    RobCo Backyard Robotics Issue #1 Material Duping

    So I found a bug where if i take the magazine out of the workshop inventory and i am still in the inventory screen, the materials that are required to make the settlement beacon is given to me every time I transfer the magazine into my inventory
  11. F

    Is there a way to fully disable the HUDFramework pop-up messages in the top left corner?

    I'm playing on FO4VR, so those messages are just random strings of 0s and "GenericMessage" 90% of the time. I've tried disabling every HUD-related option in the SS2 options holotape, but I still get constantly spamming with annoying pop-ups whenever I'm in a settlement. Is there a way to force...
  12. B

    (Bug) "Who Can? ASAM!" Quest stuck

    I've sent the group to a new settlement (Red Rocket outside Sanctuary). And the game crashed a few times when they were building the improvements during the cinematic. However, after a few attempts it finally worked. However, now the quest is stuck on the "Speak to Old Paul", when spoken to he...
  13. D

    Bug: Dropping more than one planner's desk

    player.additem XX017c11 999 open inventory, drop all desks hilarity ensues
  14. D

    Bug (PC) - "The Coolest Cat" frozen dialogue

    I noticed that two other users posted about this bug yesterday, but I figured I'd raise it as well since neither of those threads really found a solution beyond running past the Gunners and talking directly to The Ron. As with those users, when the tall Gunner calls out "Hey you!" and moves to...
  15. A

    Bug with "Build a 2x2 Commercial, Recreational or Martial Plot" - Game vr1.0.0b

    Jack met me at Sanctuary and after a few minuets of standing idly not letting me talk to him he eventually go the old guy and had me build either a Commercial, Residential or Martial plot of a 2x2 size. I built a Commercial one and nothing happened, so then I built a recreational one, still...
  16. D

    Bug: ASAM vision (tracking homeless) appears to be inaccessible

    Being able to track homeless settlers appears to be locked behind some quest completion, based on examination of the .esm in FO4Edit. Since this feature seems to be almost mandatory for completion of the If I Had a Hammer quest, I must conclude that this is a bug.
  17. D

    Bug: Missing crafting stations in Red Rocket city plan

    After building the default RR plan, there is no longer a power armor station nor a cooking station in the settlement. Since most players use RR as a base of operations in the early game, this creates a bit of a problem.
  18. D

    Bug: Sanctuary City Leader permanently broken

    Just walked into Sanctuary after questing for a bit, and got a message that Sturges needs to have an assigned planner's desk, build a new one and assign him to it. Added a packed desk to myself and went to assign him, and workshop mode seems to indicate that he's already assigned to one...
  19. D

    Bug: If I Had a Hammer uncomplete-able in some settlements

    I'm on the stage of IIHAH that requires building 8 residential plots and 8 ag/ind plots. Thing is, I started all of this in Red Rocket, where the level 0 city plan seems to have only 7 residential plots. As a result, the quest seems to be stuck.
  20. D

    Bug: Canceling the city plan building flyover

    Canceling the flyover by opening the inventory and closing it again drops the PC from the height of the camera, potentially resulting in death. If you survive, your controls are still disabled upon landing and remain so until the now-canceled animation ends.