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  1. A

    Primary Bug Report Who can? ASAM! - Quest fails to update after choosing leader

    I choose Hubert as the leader and sent him to the red rocket truck stop whenever I try to talk to him or the other candidates they just ask me if I chose a candidate yet.
  2. D

    Not a bug Bug: Dropping more than one planner's desk

    player.additem XX017c11 999 open inventory, drop all desks hilarity ensues
  3. T

    Primary Bug Report The Coolest Cat - Quest fails to progress upon being force-greeted by the Gunners

    To Kinggath and the whole team, thanks for doing what you do with thee mods. I have hit an impassable issue with The Coolest Cat. When you are supposed to find The Ron, walking up to the Gunners outside results in a locked camera and no dialogue options as the large armored gunner walks up to...
  4. B

    Primary Bug Report New Plots on the Block - Jake and Old Paul become non-interactable after building plots and quest fails to continue

    So, I am a bit disappointed. I was quite excited with the release, but I am stuck in Sanctuary. Look, I know there have always been issues with the Sanctuary quest and SS, but this has just ceased being fun. I have built the requiresite plots for old Pauly, but noone is building them. I have...
  5. D

    Works as intended Bug: ASAM vision (tracking homeless) appears to be inaccessible

    Being able to track homeless settlers appears to be locked behind some quest completion, based on examination of the .esm in FO4Edit. Since this feature seems to be almost mandatory for completion of the If I Had a Hammer quest, I must conclude that this is a bug.
  6. D

    Primary Bug Report City Plans - Missing crafting stations in Red Rocket city plan

    After building the default RR plan, there is no longer a power armor station nor a cooking station in the settlement. Since most players use RR as a base of operations in the early game, this creates a bit of a problem.
  7. D

    Primary Bug Report City Plans - Leader cannot be added after console-commanded City Planner's Desk is dropped

    Just walked into Sanctuary after questing for a bit, and got a message that Sturges needs to have an assigned planner's desk, build a new one and assign him to it. Added a packed desk to myself and went to assign him, and workshop mode seems to indicate that he's already assigned to one...
  8. D

    Primary Bug Report City Plans - Canceling the fly over by opening the inventory and closing it again drops the PC from the height of the camera

    Canceling the flyover by opening the inventory and closing it again drops the PC from the height of the camera, potentially resulting in death. If you survive, your controls are still disabled upon landing and remain so until the now-canceled animation ends.
  9. C

    Primary Bug Report Let Sleeping Dogs Lie - Cola is not interactable and quest stage cannot be completed.

    Super impressed with what I've seen of the mod so far. I'm stuck on "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie": I've killed the three raiders and looted the key of Amos' body, but the dog inside the shed does not respond in any way when I activate the "talk" option. Some lower priority stuff: - The robco voice...
  10. MisterKen

    Primary Bug Report Well Well Well! - Jake's private radio message is blank other than "this message will repeat"

    I entered Concord via fast travel from West Estates, got the notice to listen to the private station. Only thing that played was the "This has been a prerecorded message. 3 seconds, etc etc". Quest ran normally though. I'd like to know what the message said though, so if someone knows it and...
  11. ACExtravaganza

    Primary Bug Report If I Had a Hammer - Quest fails to update after completing quest objectives

    If I had a hammer has its first two component parts completed, but I didn't receive another stage and the quest didn't complete. There is a bug, but is it that the quest should have finished or is it that a new stage should have started?
  12. F

    Primary Bug Report General - Controls lock up when unlocking new Build Plans while in Workshop Mode

    So I was completing the quest for old man paul to start placing ASAM sensors down for everyone, and apparently this has unlocked a new build plan. Unfortunately I cannot either take the item to clear the new build plan unlock, or come out of build mode using the v key or move the selector in...
  13. C

    Primary Bug Report Laying Foundations - CTD while Jake is building tutorial Residential Plot

    Game crashes in first mission while talking to stranger and in settlement after placing the 2x2 residential plot with SS 2 being the only mod downloaded with cheat terminal on Xbox one.
  14. D

    Question Settlers in Hangman's Alley not moving at all

    I have a problem that began when I converted the settlement with the city planner's desk and put Ada in-charge of it. Coming back a game in-game days later I found that I had around 5 settlers there now but all of them were gathered roughly in front of the desk next to the ramp and none of them...
  15. Muteki_Inagaki

    Question Salvage Beacons Not Under Utility?

    I cannot find them anywhere, not in the Chem Station or in the Armorsmith workbench. Have they been moved? Or is this some sort of mod conflict?
  16. S

    Question No vassals in range bug

    I cannot acquire any vassals when talking to Jammer as he will say "Just remember, you're only killin' the hired guns. You can beat down the settlers, but don't kill 'em." "Eh, there's nothin' close enough to our outposts to hit right now, Boss." Notes: -Main base is in Starlight -I rediscovered...
  17. A

    Question Bug:

    I just bought the game on steam,installed sim settlements 3 in 1 through vortex and was hoping for the conqueror menu to show up as soon as the game starts,well nothing.went to museum no holotape,deleted the character.installed through in game mod manager downloaded the mod from bethesda but...
  18. DimSumSimSettler

    Solved (No longer WSFW related) Better Living Through Chems triggers false "enemies in settlement" alarm

    Has anyone run into an issue where you cannot "Search" a workbench because you need to clear out enemies from the settlement despite having killed everything? I just got to Sanctuary after starting up a new save file and ran into this issue for the first time, never encountered before installing...
  19. commonparadox

    Question Sim Settlements w/ Outcasts & Remnants Difficulties

    Hey all. Just getting back into FO4 and am not the most experienced with modding as of yet. Lately, I have run into a snag between SimSettlements/Conqueror and Outcasts & Remnants. I'm hoping someone might have experience with the mod combo. The problem mostly comes in the form of companion...
  20. ArtificialCactus

    Question [BUG] Dogmeat and the warhounds

    So I'm playing through the conqueror campaign (which is amazing btw) and I just got to the part where I go tame doggies for maul. When I get back to base to have a chat with the big guy I heard gunfire and yelling. Wondering what it is I go investigate to see dogmeat tearing the throat off of...