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  1. D

    Plots don't spawn in cities

    Ran into a bug where all my cities stopped creating plots (residential, commercial, etc). The problem started after I tried making a second city, starlight drive-in, where I used the RoTC built in city plan, the entire city built, but no plots, I waited several weeks in game and nothing was...
  2. Cranky Cat

    Robot Curie considered a "child"

    I can't assign robot Curie to a plot and get a message about not being able to assign children. I tried to assign her to a clinic plot. Is this a vanilla bug that can't be worked around?
  3. J

    Sim Settlements: 3 in 1 Problems on XB1

    I've been trying to download the 3 in 1 mod on XB1 and keep getting an error message after about 10% of the download is completed. I started by trying to just update the mod since I downloaded it when you first came out with the 3 in 1 mod. Ever since the version 2 update, its quit working for...
  4. SpiritTheWolf26

    [BUG] weapons bug

    I was trying out the settings and after some point X (to take out weapons/fists etc) wouldn't work. I was streaming so I could go see what happened but nothing. (I have a vod recording. it seems to have happened between 1 hour 59 and 2 hours 5 minutes, I watched it but doesn't appear to be...
  5. Cranky Cat

    Bug Roman Bath - duplicating decorations

    Hey there, I built a Roman Bath and it looks great but there's a problem with some of the decorations duplicating instead of being deleted and recreated when the plot refreshes. It's level 2 right now but I don't know if L1 does this. This problem includes auto refreshes such as whenever new...
  6. Cranky Cat

    Immersion Breaker Breaker still broken

    The notes said it should be fixed but on 3.2.1 the Immersion Breaker Breaker still doesn't do anything. I scrapped my old one and created a new one but that made no difference.
  7. T

    Duplicates RotC stock Starlight Drive-in city plan has out-of-place interior plot

    Hey Devs! There is a misplaced interior plot in the stock city plan of RotC for Starlight Drive-in. It is on the second level near the pond and the big screen. Thanks for your hard work
  8. LovesYou

    Resolved 3.16a - Invisible Interior Plots, Disappearing Clutter and Beds, Not Just Level 3, oh my!

    Hey all, this is my first post! Wasn't sure if I should add this to an ongoing bug report. Things are a bit different here than only having residential level 3 plots disappearing. Since upgrading from 3.14 to 3.16a I've been having these issues and have being troubleshooting since. I've done...
  9. C

    Not a bug City Planner Gets Scrapped

    Everytime i start the settlement build by pressing "Yes, Tear it all down" the city planner gets scrapped and if i build a new one it Associates the city with Covenant i got fallout for pc mainly for this and some other mods please help!
  10. S

    Holotape Problem

    I spent over 6 hours today and yesterday trying to figure out why the holotape is not working. It's not that i can't find it or something like that, but when i actually use it, it does not come with the pop-up saying i now have access to the sim settlement workshop category, and right it is i...
  11. troy18999

    Tankthing & Chook rad roaches spawning?

    So i get these little non hostile guys. I have had it on two of my restarts now and I am unsure where they come from. I do not have anything out of the ordinary installed. Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch, AWKCR then install AE, then Achievements. DEF_UI Valdicils Hud Framework I-HUD by Gopher Hud...
  12. J

    Crash when upgrading sanctuary

    Hey, I am having trouble upgrading sanctuary from level 0 to level 1. it crashes halfway through the cinematic and also when I turn off the cinematic. I haven't progressed enough to test upgrading any other settlement yet. my pc should also be good enough to handle it so i don't think that's...
  13. Cranky Cat

    Bug Farm Assistants being attacked

    I have the full GAI Hydroponics level 2 which comes with farm assistants (Mr Handys) and they are being attacked by Trader Rylee. I don't know if anyone else is hostile to them. Rylee is only supposed to be "Aggressive" and not "Very Aggressive" so she shouldn't attack anyone in a neutral...
  14. M

    Not a bug My savefile is bloating after installing sim settlements.

    when i start a new save after a fresh install of fallout 4 and leave vault 111 with no mods (some creation club content) my savefile was 5,000kb I had done a clean install because as soon as I entered the wasteland before my savefile would bloat so one by one I installed some mods F4SE, XDI...
  15. chemwiz

    Refresh City and multiple doors/turrets/gates

    Xbox One X I am having problems with refresh city and duplicate door/turrets/gates appearing. I was able to snag some screenshots to help illustrate what is happening (Greentop Nursery). I will go to a door on a residential plot or by the shack next to the main house. Voila- 2 doors are there (I...
  16. SeondFallen

    Fixed Unknown bug within the City Managers Desk

    I ran into it just a moment ago, but I think it has happened before. Anyway, I went to donate supplies to Abernathy Farms, Cait is my leader, and I noticed that it had Starlight drive as the designated recipient. I haven't even found that location in this play through, or set up a desk there. I...
  17. A

    Closed game crashing when trying to "rebuild" sunshine tidings co-op

    So i have been trying to "rebuild" my city at sunshine tidings, or more specifically I am giving the city a hard reset. I was using the city plan provided by the mod and the city was at level 2 when i decided i wanted to rebuild the entire city from square one (there were some mistakes i had...
  18. T

    Closed Upgrade marker glitch

    When a plot upgrades when I'm not in the settlement the green marker appears. When I go back into that settlement to look at that plot, the green marker doesn't disappear. Now my settlements are filled with with green markers that aren't going away. I've tried to refresh the plots, settlements...
  19. B

    Not delivered to workshop

    Hi, my problem is that I place all the items in a container, add the beacon, select the settlement and get the notification that a team has been dispatched... but I have never seen a team and my items never arrive at my settlement's workshop (I have waited more than 72 hrs and still nothing). I...
  20. J

    Closed Unfinished City (missing objects)

    Hello wonderful mod team. It seems like the RotC's process of building the base level for the city never finishes in most of the settlements (the castle, sanctuary are two majors ones). The problems seems to be that during the process it forgets to/ cannot place certain objects (all ways the...