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  1. Xross

    Question Contest city plans for RDRKT crash

    The NWC red rocket city plan crashes my game I only have the contest version loaded why does it do this? Am I missing content?
  2. G

    Named settlers don't count for status meters

    I have a bug. The named settlers from SS2 don't count for the status meters (work and homes). I tried to manually reassign them, send them to a diffrent settlement and refresh the plots but nothing helped. I think this cause my problem that no new settlers will be recruited, because there are...
  3. shoujoq

    Solved Export settlement layout option doesn't appear

    This is what I see when I go to Settlement Layout in the Manage settlement menu added by Workshop Framework. I don't see an Export option. I have tried this at both Sanctuary and at Abernathy Farm. I have all the pre-requisites installed.
  4. K

    Casting a line hostage situation broke

    Im playing on survival difficulty with a few mods and playing through SS2 storyline when i got the quest to deal with a hostage situation with some raiders. I went there to deal with them but even with Jake, Codsworth and Dogmeat(unlimited companions framework) i got my butt kicked by the...
  5. M

    No new quests starting?

    I've just finished the Dog quest getting Nuka to the settlement and now I nothing new is starting. No new quests, NPCs, or radio broadcasts have started and Jake is still at the Sattelite Station not moving or talking to me. Is there something I need to do to progress or did I get bugged somewhere?
  6. S

    Primary Bug Report Who can? ASAM! - Quest fails to advance and Old Paul stuck repeating "Made your pick have you?"

    I ran into a bug where after I chose Old Paul as the leader of Huberts crew. Now I have the quest to talk to him after meeting him, I moved them to the Starlight Drive-in and all he says is "Made your pick have you?" that's a line that was already used before I picked him as a leader. So now he...
  7. D

    Primary Bug Report General - Plots fail to snap to foundations and each other correctly

    Anyone having nightmares trying to snap plots? I've tried several combinations (with vanilla/mods foundations/floors, plots with attached foundations and plots without foundations, residential and industrial) but everytime i try to place a plot next to an existing one it doesn't snap properly...
  8. E

    Vim and Vigor - Can't Activate Vault/Comm-Hub (potential bug)

    When I return to Jake with the vit-o-matic he tells me to turn on the hub, I get a prompt to activate the comm hub but that does nothing. The only other thing I can activate is the ham radio on the vault-hub but that does nothing. Can't sit in the seat and I can't interact with any other...
  9. Kefke_Wren

    Primary Bug Report Hub of the Problem - Terminal is misaligned and not usable by player

    So, I wanted to see if I could read the entries on Maugnisson's terminal (however it's spelled) at the Vault-Tec offices after Jake was done with it...and I can. Sort of. For some reason, when I enter the terminal, my view is placed too low, so that a portion of the top of the screen is cut off...
  10. YummyFatCats

    Primary Bug Report Well Well Well! - Quest fails to update and activating generator does nothing

    I'm on the mission where you have to go in concord civic access to start up some generator. I go into the maintenance to kick the generator and it does nothing when I press kick.
  11. MisterKen

    Primary Bug Report Hub of the Problem - Vanilla companion stuck in sub-basement

    I had two bugs in my last session. 1) Codsworth did not follow me out of the subbasement at VT. I know companions seem to never appear in the vanilla basement anyway. Either way, I exited the building into Boston, no CW. Entered Diamond City, no CW. Had to prid, moveto get him back to me. 2)...
  12. 1

    Primary Bug Report General - Vit-O-Matic screen is pink (missing background texture)

    In the Vit-o-matic menu, the overall background when scanning someone is pink. Is anyone else getting that?
  13. G

    Knowledge Equals Profit Quest not completing

    Since I've only seen one other person make this bug report, I thought it would help to add mine. In my game, the radiant Quest brought me to Mass Pike Tunnel. The quest item was a generic vanilla folder in a green loot chest. Upon picking it up, the quest did not update, but the quest marker now...
  14. xarthos

    Primary Bug Report Plotting the Future - Quest does not advance and Jake locks up after building Agricultural Plot

    Just got back from concord, put the farming plot down and he just stands there and stares at it. I feel like it might be related to place anywhere or workshop+?
  15. I

    Primary Bug Report City Plans - City plans fail to build and potential mayors aren't detected

    Hey, When I build a city plan nothing happens. even after waiting several days nothing is constructed. Even though I am already in the quest where the mayors are introduces (Old John, Hubert and the Ghoul (Cool Band name btw)) but when I want to choose a mayor there is "no unique mayor found"...
  16. M

    Primary Bug Report Where There’s Smoke - Quest fails to advance and camera breaks during cutscene

    My camera breaks during the cutscene preventing dialog options from appearing, wondering if anyone has a fix for this yet.
  17. W

    Non-SS Bug CTD on save load after 1.0.0c update

    I've been crashing to desktop. I have minimal mod list: Papyrus log attached. Is it a known bug or what? Also is there more logs somewhere?
  18. Dyvrik

    Primary Bug Report Exploit - Infinite resources from Robco Backyard Robotics magazine

    If you drop the RoboCo Backyard Robotic Issue #1 and pick it back up, it always gives you the materials for a beacon not just the first time.
  19. F

    Non-SS Bug Is there a way to fully disable the HUDFramework pop-up messages in the top left corner?

    I'm playing on FO4VR, so those messages are just random strings of 0s and "GenericMessage" 90% of the time. I've tried disabling every HUD-related option in the SS2 options holotape, but I still get constantly spamming with annoying pop-ups whenever I'm in a settlement. Is there a way to force...
  20. Kefke_Wren

    Primary Bug Report Laying Foundations - Multiple issues with completing quest

    Hope this is allowed. During my first marathon session, I encountered a number of non-critical issues that I had to work around. I did a stream of consciousness on Discord over in the quest-writers' area, but I wanted to "officially" report my findings. So I'm giving a list of what I ran into...