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Guide Index Guides of Vault 13

(WIP) = Work In Progress (Please bear with us while we work to make our guide complete)

How To
> Taking a Screen Shot GA_Darkerside

How to take an ingame screen shot the simple way

General Help
> Scrap Crash - Reason, Fix, and Preventative Measures Kinggath

After many months of research, we finally found the cause!
> SS Starter's Guide Lystraeus
Complete beginners, and players easing back in, will get the most out of my guide
> Town Meeting Gavel Woodfuzzy
The handiest tool in the box
> PC Help Page _ Basic Guide and Links GA_Darkerside
1) Links Page - Tools, Utilities & Resource Pages
2) File Locations
3) Load Order (LOOT)
4) Mod Installation and Removal
4(b) Updating a Manually Installed Mod
4(c) Mod Removal (Dangers)
4(d) How to Remove a Manually Installed Mod
5) Fallrim Tools (ReSaver)

> Increasing The Chances of a Smooth Game Play GA_Darkerside (WIP)
1) Backup.
2) Save Overload.
3) Saving the Game Safely.
4) Save Games Monitoring.
5) Memory (DDR and Graphic Cards).
6) Game files.
7) Mods.
(a) Choosing
(b) Installing
(c) Dangers of some mods

> XBox One Help _ Basic Guides GA_Darkerside
Basic info on Modding and Ghost space

> Baking-a-Saved Game (BaGS) Raybo
A guide for setting up and starting a new game:

> To Many Settlers or Not Enough - Read Here GA_Darkerside

A Possible Solution to help out with settler issues
> Help my workshop menu is broken! damanding
Like the title says - fixing the workshop menu
> The Settlement Recovery Procedure - Instructions for Recovering a Problem Settlement (Part 1) snarkwriter
Xbox and Pc help - Indepth guide into settlement recovery
> The Settlement Recovery Procedure - Instructions for Recovering a Problem Settlement (Part 2) Whisper
EXPERIMENTAL guide into settlement recovery (should all else fail) PLEASE READ WARNINGS
> Troubleshooting: Fallout 4 vs Mod Issues GA_Darkerside (WIP)
How to Troubleshooting the basic game without losing mods and saves
> Reclaiming Memory GA_Darkerside
How to claim back some of your RAM (aimed towards Window 10 users)

> Modding tutorials - Welcome to Sim Settlements Ilja (WIP)

Activate Modding, Nexus Mods and (Quick Look), File extensions and load order basics
> WorkShop Plus Speed Guide Whisper (WIP)
Three short videos on using WorkShop Plus to enhance your gameplay
> Checklists To Help Create Mods Rudy
A checklist for moderately experienced builders to follow when creating a mod.

> Sim Settlements Tutorial Videos GA_Darkerside

Link to Kinggath's YouTube Videos (all in one place)


The Forum Maid
Staff member
Support Team
Vault Librarian
> Understanding CTDs in The Triangle of Death (Sanctuary, Abernathy Farm, Red Rocket) snarkywriter
A must read in understanding Fallout 4's settlement issues
> Scrapping Mods and Performance Issues Damanding
What are precombines and why do scrap mods hurt performance?
> The Vanilla Fallout 4 Workshop Mechanics Guide snarkywriter
Exploring the vanilla Fallout 4 settlement mechanics
> Armory Rating/Bonus Settlement Defense Chart
What is say on the tin


> Sim Settlements Integration with Nuka World Jacozilla
A very detailed guide for all, explaining how to intergrate Sim Settlements with Nuka world