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Sim Settlements Integration with Nuka World

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This Guide was Created by @Jacozilla
GA_Darkerside's role was to move it to here and give it a tiny bit of colour

{Revised w/ clarifying or explanatory info for those new to FO4, Nuka World, or Sim Settlements. Added additional observations re: raider happiness impacts using non-raider supply lines.}

Revision as new Part I

My experience with integrating full evil Nuka World raider game play with SS (Sim Settlement). Caveat - I don't use city plans with raider outposts and likely not intended so all info below assumes regular SS manual control of settlements, not automated city plans using designated city leader.

Bottom line, one sentence summary of longer details below --> SS works just fine and with minor caveats below, raider outposts integrate with all the different plot types other than farming (for obvious reason that raiders hate farming, and any food produced means massive happiness penalty).

1. Vassal vs Outposts -
Vassal = type of raider controlled settlement which you own but have NO ability to further build or access workshop functions. All original settlers stay there, no raiders other than NPC guards you don't control
  • half of all food production at vassal settlements is sent to your raider outposts. Best to fully build up settlement to full population, lots of farms, etc before taking over as Vassal type
Outposts = type of raider controlled settlement which you own and have full control over like any other settlement. All original settlers evicted (or killed if you take hostile takeover option) and new raider 'settlers' arrive.
  • all new 'settlers' that arrive are now of raider faction type, and even if using settler mod like Better Settlers, raiders will look and be armed just like Nuka World gangs - including gang specific gear and clothing (Operators, Pack, etc)
Only need (1) Vassal settlement to progress storyline quest, and if setup right, even without IDEK logistics connecting to provisioning network (see below) it can feed entire collection of future raider outposts *(you need at least (8) outposts to get Hostile Takeover achievement)

Since can't build anything more once regular settlement turned into Vassal, best to pre-setup whichever place eventually want turned into raider Vassal. I used The Slog as massive food farming build with ~250+ food production to feed my raiders but any location game allows works (there are few due to story quests can't uses - like Bunker Hill, The Castle, etc).
  • key note - all plots still keep working, still keeps auto upgrading if setup that way, only thing you CAN'T do at Vassal settlements is build anything new or even access the workshop.
Build your future Vassal settlement as normal SS location, recruit all settlers you need + all plots built -including martial or turret defenses - before turned into vassal. I prefer to wait until all plots upgraded but technically not needed. **Make sure radio beacon exists because if vassal settlers die, no new ones can be recruited without beacon and you can't build new beacon after take over as Vassal.

  • If you use persuasion method to take over a Vassal, all turrets and defenses can stay in place - otherwise to avoid existing vanilla game bug (not SS related) if you use hostile attack takeover, then should remove turrets or store in workshop first. Otherwise, destroyed turrets during attack aren't repaired and have no control to place new ones. Vassal defenses will still attack your enemies so if you want working defenses, best method is persuasion method to evict former settlers.

Supply lines - Raiders have a hidden supply line connecting all raider settlements to each other - not shown on map via show supply line command. But if you want raider outposts to be connected for easier SS building (and food management) then you can.

I use IDEK logistics addon so can't comment re: other supply line methods. But IDEK is ideal because even after settlement turned into Vassal OR Outpost, IDEK plot keeps working and connects that raider settlement to overall supply line network.

SS treats raiders like any other settler and auto assigns them to IDEK logistics and all other SS plot types - long as someone is assigned to IDEK logistics plot, your supply line to regular non-raider settlements stays connected. Again, for Vassals you need to make sure IDEK logistics was built before takeover - use case goes like this --

2a) Vassal - build IDEK logistics plot before turning into Vassal, assign settler manually or let SS auto assign, supply line connected and done. After settlement turned into Vassal, settler that was assigned still stays as provisioner and nothing changes far as supply line goes (e.g. IDEK options to auto collect caps, misc items, etc keep on working).

2b) Outpost - if settlement was brand new - you did not own it before acquired as raider outpost - you automatically attract (3) raider 'settlers' soon as you takeover. Build raider beacon and get happiness up for more raiders to arrive (below 30 happiness stops all further recruiting). Manual assign or let SS auto assign to IDEK plot and like above you're done for connection to non-raider settlements supply network.

  • if settlement was one you owned and already had IDEK plot, then settler that was provisioner is unassigned automatically after you force all settlers out via persuasion method of takeover (or killed off if you used hostile takeover). The For Rent sign goes up and basically entire prior-SS run settlement with all existing plots just sits there empty waiting for your new raiders to arrive, and then SS automatically starts assigning them like any regular settler (eventually - like normal SS, depends on when scripts run)

2c) Raider supply line vs IDEK - technically, you now have (2) supply line networks, the hidden invisible one connecting only raider outposts to each other, plus IDEK supply line network connecting ALL settlements that has an IDEK provisioner assigned, including raider settlements if you built one there.
  • If you don't want raiders connected to non-raider settlements - don't build IDEK logistics plot or use other vanilla game option for manual supply lines. E.g. automatron robot provisioners - used to work but may have been patched out, can't comment as didn't test
  • If you DO want raider outposts & vassal locations connected to overall supply line network, for easier access to resources, build materials, and food/water management, then use IDEK logistics is my recommendation but anything that allows hooking manual supply line would work.
If you do connect Nuka World raider settlements to non-raider settlements, then technically - other than for progressing Home Sweet Home storyline requiring at least (1) vassal settlement, you don't need food production from Vassal settlement to feed raiders at all. Your overall supply line network via IDEK will do that.
  • bonus from IDEK - because it also has Redistribution feature option, default enabled, which moves food around to settlements that need it, raiders don't even complain about 'being hungry' like regular vanilla game supply line feeding.
  • I recommend also using IDEK optional feature to turn on donation - this physically moves food from main supply to top off local workshop supply at raider Outposts as this guarantees food being available for just arrived raiders. Redistribution seems to only handle formerly calculated need and happiness can go down every time get new raider unless some actual local food in workshop exists
  • Also recommend depositing some food in each raider outpost local workshop, and disable Local level IDEK Collections feature to disable food collection. Collecting caps, scrap, etc is ok, but you don't want locally deposited food to be auto collected, so disable that.

If you don't connect raider outposts to overall regular supply line network, useful tip to know is only 50% - just half - of all Vassal produced food is donated to raider outposts. Even my massive food settlement at The Slog w/ 250 food production (therefore half or 125 donated to raiders) would not have been enough just by itself to feed my ~160 raiders at 8 Outposts without some supply line network help.


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This Guide was Created by @Jacozilla

{Revised w/ clarifying or explanatory info for those new to FO4, Nuka World, or Sim Settlements. Added additional observations re: raider happiness impacts using non-raider supply lines.}

Revision continued as new Part II

3. Raider Happiness - nothing changes far as farms being taboo. This is default part of Nuka World behavior with raiders. They hate food production - doesn't matter who farms the food - them, robot workers, anyone - long as any food is somehow produced or farmed at that raider outpost, happiness goes down a lot by even small food production.

  • Default Nuka World behavior is 1 raider farmer working normal, non-Sim Settlements patch of (6) food being produced generates -18 happiness. That is negative 18 points of unhappiness or -3 per food point.
  • A single Level 4 SS farm would therefore create 20 food or -80 points of happiness. So basically, no food production at raider Outposts unless you want to micromanage rec plot spamming to keep up with happiness drops.
So I built zero food plots at raider Outposts and used Vassal + supply line network to feed my raiders, currently at ~160+ population through 8 raider Outposts.
  • FYI - Recreation plots are better than Nuka World raider workshop items - You can use Raider specific items like amplifiers, chem dispensers, booze stills, dealer stores, etc - to help manage happiness but they are far less efficient than SS rec plots - or some commercial plots like bars at Level 3. Raiders seem fairly grumpy vs regular settlers - even without any farming happening at all, my raider Outposts are lot harder to make happy than normal settlements.
  • For example all regular settlements sit at ~100 happiness just by using 5-6 recreation plots even with fully Adv Industry in use. Raider outposts with 9-10 rec plots barely manage to stay ~70-75 happiness. So unless you want look/feel of raider items, far better off using Rec plots to boost happiness
So - other than farms, at raider Outposts I selected plot types and and just let SS handle all the assigning, building and upgrading plots. Raiders are held to same standard re: commercial requirements so if you want commercial upgrades, you need to follow same home upgrade minimums and number. That's in SS Wiki pages so I won't go into that - can read it there.

4. Raider Defense - as noted, if using hostile takeover by attacking settlement, then you should store all existing turrets before you do so because not only easier to take over but possible vanilla game bug where turrets you formerly owned that you destroy stay around forever as smoking ruins, can't be repaired, and since you lose access to workshop after takeover, can't scrap or build new ones.
  • If you want actual working defenses at raider controlled Vassal settlements, I would just use the persuasion method to take over.
  • Raider Outposts can and will be attacked by settlement attack script just like any other settlement, but so far unless due to blind luck - my Vassal settlement has never been selected. However, working defenses are still very useful because they still attack your enemies and some random encounters or fixed locations has nearby enemies
  • For example - at The Slog, the nearby Super Mutants and Saugus Ironworks hostiles are so close, my turrets will frequently fire on them when they get too close - and the idiot NPC merchants traveling around frequently lead hostiles right up to your Vassal settlement borders.
  • Moral of the story - working defenses even for Vassals is a good thing. Working defenses at Raider Outposts are required as they undergo settlement attack script like regular settlements.
For Outposts, however you acquired it, all workshop items including stored items are able to be retrieved after the takeover. So if you stored turrets before hostile attack take over, good news is you can just take them out and place again after you re-acquire ownership of the settlement.

If you used persuasion method, that just saves the step of storing turrets since nothing is damaged in persuasion method of taking over as raider Outpost.
  • Updated - I did test martial plots and if you use hostile takeover, they defend against you - but after you have taken over, the plots revert to your ownership and will work just fine. I prefer turrets but seems Martial plots, as expected, follow the same defend/attack rules as turrets - when you are hostile (like when trying to takeover your former settlement as a raider), then they attack you. Once you've conquered the place and you are the new owner, the martial plots think you're the boss - or Overboss (pun alert).

Again - only place to be extra careful is Vassals - you can't rebuild any destroyed items at Vassals unlike Outpost hostile take over. If you don't have high Charisma build for easy persuasion method speech checks, Nuka World has certain items making persuasion method fairly easy.
  • Will not go into Nuka World spoilers - just if you progress the story line, you can get access to certain things that make persuasion method possible by any build, including low Charisma builds.
5. New raider 'settlers' arriving - normal radio beacons do nothing after settlement is turned into raider outpost, so you can scrap that. In fact raiders don't use a beacon of any type - the raider transmitter is just a happiness and takeover aide, as well as broadcasting raider radio station in commonwealth. Only thing that controls getting new raiders is happiness - below 30 means no more, above 30 = raiders keep coming till Charisma max value reached.

Unfortunately, this means if you want to deliberately have smaller raider Outposts than your charisma limit, there isn't easy way to do it.

Staying unhappy is one way at lower than 30, but be aware that at fairly low happiness, you can completely lose raider Outpost. Didn't test much because I don't mind larger settlements, but at low teens, I lost 2 Outposts with sudden message saying lost due to low happiness.

Bottom line - raider Outposts have no control of turning 'OFF' the recruiting like regular settlements. I read the one control you have is in raider script, they stop if you have (5) unassigned raiders, but upon testing this further - in my game they kept coming even after I had more then (5) unemployed raiders.

Otherwise, if you want to attract more raiders, it's like any regular settlement - get happiness up and you have better chance each time random chance to get new person is checked.

6. End of day conclusion
- raider Outposts are basically identical to regular SS ones other than no farms and what seems built in, harder to please raiders in terms of base happiness. As stated, even with lots fo recreation plots, I mostly stay ~70-75 happiness vs easy 100 max with far less effort at regular settlements.

Nuka World raider 'settlers' also have the default dirty raider look - I use Better Settlers with clean face option but it has no effect on raiders you attract at Outposts. But on plus side, the raiders you attract are gang specific faction - whichever gang you designated as control when taking over.

This means they come with pretty superior gear compared to non-raider settlers. E.g. armed with fairly high DPS Nuka World 7.62mm weapons and raider clothing with higher than standard settler defenses.

I have progressed my game to full 8 Outposts needed for the game achievement. I won't list them as you can find it easily in google Wiki searches but no Far Harbor locations can be taken over, and some vanilla Commonwealth locations are exempt - like Castle, Bunker Hill, and other story/quest related places.

7. City Plans - I plan on checking this out later as curious to see if they will work with raider Outposts - for now the best way I can think of to use city plans is simply to use normal settlers to build your city to level 3 via city plans, then come on in and take over so your raiders inherit a ready made, city plan built city.
  • Results of City Plans and city leader automation - TBD
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