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PC Help Page _ Basic Guide and Links

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This guide may improve due to member input​

With the help of
@woodfuzzy @RayBo @Kytampe

1) Links Page - Tools, Utilities & Resource Pages
2) File Locations
3) Load Order (LOOT)
4) Mod Installation and Removal
4(b) Updating a Manually Installed Mod
4(c) Mod Removal (Dangers)
4(d) How to Remove a Manually Installed Mod
5) Fallrim Tools (ReSaver)

If there is anything you would like to see on the help page, message one of the above directly and we will do our best to add this.


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1) Links Page - Tools, Utilities & Resource Pages

A BIG Thank you goes to @woodfuzzy, @RayBo, @Kytampe for their help

Tools and Utilities
LOOT Checks and sorts mod load and checks order errors: See Section 3 - Load Order
Nexus Mod Manager Downloads and installs Mods from Nexus or from 7z files (Link to current version)
7z Used to unpack Zip Files
Vortex Mod Manager New Mod Manager and in Alpha at time of this post
Mod Organizer 2 Mod Manager - (Link to current version)
Fallrim Tools Script Cleaner, cleans saves (See Section 5) Fallrim Tools - Resaver Guide)
Fallout 4 Script Extender Adds extra function to other mods
FO4Edit Advanced graphical esp viewer and conflict detector (See TES5Edit Cleaning Guide)
Notepad++ An Advanced version of notepad.

Resource Pages:
Sim Performance Page
TES5Edit Cleaning Guide Mod cleaning guide.
How to Enable Debug Logging Used for Troubleshooting issues.


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2) File Locations

Save Files

C:\Users\(Username)\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Saves
Fallout Saves.JPG

Blue are Fallout 4 Saves .fos
Red are Fallout 4 Script Extender .f4se

Debug Logging Files
C:\Users\(Username)\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Logs\Script

Plugins Text


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3) Load Order (LOOT)

Load Order Optimisation Tool

LOOT is a automated load order sorting program, that's simple to use and fully customisable.

While sorting, LOOT checks for load order errors (such as incompatibilities and missing requirements) and notifies you of any issues that it detects. It also provides thousands of plugin-specific messages, such as usage notes and bug warnings, to help keep your game healthy.


What is a load order?:
The order that the game loads your mods. Every time you start/continue a game Fallout 4 your load-order determines in what order your mods are loaded into the game file.

Where is your load order saved?


Why is load order important?
Load order plays a crucial part in game stability. Using Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch as an example, UFO4P is a comprehensive bugfixing mod for Fallout 4, attempting to fix issues with the core game. UFO4P requires all DLC's, so Load Order should like this:

DLCUltraHighResolution.esm (OPTIONAL)
Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp
[Everything else you have installed]

Because of the way some mods write data to the game, Load Order is very important, controlling when they write this data. UFO4P changes data to the core game only, so any mods loaded before UFO4P will not benefit from the changes or UFO4P write data may conflict with the mod to cause a crash.
1.)Master Files (This section literally does everything on it's own. Mods such as the unofficial patch, Campfire, and Climates of Tamriel to name a few, auto sort themselves to the top of your load order. Nothing can go above these)
2.)Bug Fixes
3.)Game Structure/UI
(Example mods: Ordinator, Apocalypse, Smilodon, Sacrosanct, Better Vampires, Moonlight Tales, Frostfall, and Ineed)
4.)Character Appearance NPC/Player (Body mods, Hair Mods, Eye mods)
5.)Quest Mods
6.)Add/Change Locations (Player Homes, city mods, even things like lampposts or practice dummies because these are changing the area they are set in)
7.)Add/Change Items (New weapons, armor, changes to the stats of existing items)
8.)Add/Change NPC's/Creatures (Followers or any npcs, monsters, animals. Includes things like immersive patrols and the "populated" mods)
9.)Foliage (Examples: Verdant, Dense Grass, Bigger Trees, Lush Overhaul)
10.)Meshes (Something that changes the shape of an object, weapon, armor)
12.)Enviroment (Weather, Sound, Lighting)
13.)Gameplay Changes/Tweaks (Kill Moves, Follower/NPC Behavior, Animations, Collision, Skeleton, and most misc. type mods)
14.)Mods that specifically say "Load as close to the bottom as possible"

What can I expect from a bad Load Order?
Difficult to say as the problems are wide and varied, Examples range from minor graphical glitches to major, missing items, broken quests, fast travel issues and the dreaded CTD (Crash To Desktop).

Are all mods affected by Load Order?
No. Because of the kind of data some mods write to the game, load order for these mods will not be important, However it's always best to check the Mod Authors notes.

How Effective is LOOT?
90 - 96%
This depends on the Master List update. The Master List is how LOOT determines the order of mods, so if 20 new mods come out, LOOT may only be 90% effective, when the Master List is updated to include those mods then 96% effective.

Why should I use LOOT if its only 90-96% Effective
Simple, because its 90-96% more effective then most of us.

How can I make it 100%

Read the Mod authors page. Example Beantown Interiors Project Generally LOOT places this around the middle of your load order, it has been noted that B.I.P should be placed close to the bottom. However this may be included in the next update of the Master List.
Using LOOT
  1. Press to sort Load order (As you can see (5) LOOT is telling me I have not sorted my load order).
  2. This is to update the Master List - However LOOT normally checks and downloads it automatically when one is available
  3. This will inform you if an update for LOOT is available.
  4. If you use F4SE, this will inform you if yours is uptodate. Although if F4SE is not uptodate then you won't be able to run Fallout 4 anyway.
To sort Load Order
Simple as a couple of clicks
1) Click button (1) shown above then hit apply shown below.

This Happened?

Not a problem, Go to your plugins.txt, Right Click and Select

Then Make sure this box is unticked

Select APPLY then OK

You will then be able to sort your load order and save using LOOT


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4) Mod Installation (Direct Method)
Thankyou to @woodfuzzy and @RayBo for their help

It is wise to understand that mods aren't always as simple as download / Install / Play. Often many issues cause within your game can be down to the mods or the way you installed them. In some cases Mods work better when using a manual install or the "Direct Method". We call it the Direct Method, as it does not involve any copy or pasting.

NOTE: Not all large mods can use the DIRECT INSTALL method as they may require files to be placed in many different loactions, howvere, read any install adive for any large mod first

Install 7Zip (If you don't have it)

a) Download mod (If using Nexus Mods ) Hit the Manual Download Button
SS Install.JPG

Save it to the location of your choice, then Right Click on the file to brimg up the window.
Extract Loc.JPG

c) Select - (Drive Steam is Installed On):\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data

Press Ok

From this point on you can choose YES to overwrite each file or YES TO ALL to allow it to install automatically.

e) Make sure you check in your mod manager that the mod is Ticked/Activated

Your mod is now installed.

4(b) Updating a Manually Installed Mod

The same procedure as above,

Just remember To Hit
(Drag and Drop)



4(c) Mod Removal (Dangers)

If you uninstall a mod the accepted safe practice is to go back to a save before you installed it and restart your game from that point.

However some mods CANNOT be removed mid game. UFO4P and Scrap Everything (2 Examples of many) once removed will require you to start a brand new game. (See Options 4 below)

If you take it upon yourself to alter/edit a mod then have problems later, Make sure the very first line of your plea for help is: I altered XXXX Mod to do XXXX so that MIGHT VERY WELL BE THE PROBLEM.
Options given by Mod Authors
Standard Removal using a Mod Manager
2) Creating/Eating a Chem then waiting an allotted time
3) Removing Objects first
4) You simply can't
Self Explanatory
2) To some this may seem strange, but however, it allows for the removal of scripts that have been injected, in most cases not following this process can break menus, quests and/or game.

Using chems to remove a mod is important but not that daunting.
a) Craft the chem (normally from a Chemistry Station). In nearly all cases the author would have labelled the chem the same as their mod, if unsure, consult the authors page.
b) Eat said Chem (Sometimes it wise to go to an interior plot first, wait a few minutes and eat. Although not a must, often an interior plot will unload scripts fasters, therefore making the process faster) **WAIT ** rushing here is bad, wait 5 minutes, although I suggest 10 minutes just to be safe.
c) Save Game and Exit
d) Uninstall mod.
e) Done - Now start your game and happy Fallouting

3) Not necessarily a game breaker but it can cause issues. Even when removed, the mods data will still remain in your save data.

Random Example: I have been using this mod (a) to build items in my settlements, but its conflicting with this new Mod (b) I downloaded. I will uninstall mod (a), Rebuild with mod (b) Later I see an update/patch that has come out for Mod (a) so I reinstall it, only to find my settlements have now become an overlapping mess of both Mod (a) and (b) items.

4) Some mods can't be removed, example Scrap Everything and Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch (UFO4P) - Disclaimer - This is a factual example and is not intended to discredit the Authors.

Removal of Scrap Everything etc involves uninstalling the mod and starting a FRESH GAME. It is wise to note that disabling a mod may have the same effect as uninstalling it.

If you choose to disable a mod for testing, once the mod is re-enabled, remember to return to save before the testing was carried out.


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4(d) How to Remove a Manually Installed Mod

In a way this can sound so daunting, maybe it's the reason why many will avoid the Direct Install Method, butfollowing these steps and a little time is all you really need.

Lets say I want to remove Sim Settlements (not that I would), here is how you can do it.

I have my two desktop windows set side by side, left side is Nexus Mods Website, loaded on the Sim Settlements Mod page and Right Side is my Fallout 4 Data Folder, where my mods are stored.

On the Nexus Mods Page Window:
Click here

Then Here

Getting This

This is Sim Settlements install structure and using this will tell us exactly where the files we need to delete are. looking in the Data folder is where I need to start:

Data Folder, Delete the ones that match above

Now you just follow the data structure shown in the Sim Settlements install structure image above.

Next SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data\fomod folder and delete

It Contains This Information

Next we go to SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data\MCM\Config folder and delete

or just delete the Sim Settlements Folder

But worth checking inside first
There you go, Sim Settlements has now been uninstalled


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5) FallrimTools Guide (ReSaver)

Thanks too @woodfuzzy @RayBo and @uituit for their valuable help

This is a basic guide to using Resaver, a tool used to clean Fallout 4 saves although for the advanced user it can do more. This guide however will only deal with the basic use of Resaver.

Fallrim (ReSaver) it another tool that MAY help solve certain issues
Remember to Backup you Data - Read Always Backup Guide

Fallrim Tools - Resaver Link
Please read the authors page for installation instructions.

For Your safety and Peace of Mind
Find a vanilla interior first (i.e Vault 111 or Homeplate) wait inside for 5 - 10 minutes (I would advise 10 minutes), save game and exit.
2) Now create two folders in a location of your choice (My preference - Documents):
(a) FO4 Original
(b) FO4 Fallrim
You can name them what you want, above is only an example.
3) Locate the lastest save. If you use F4SE then you need to copy both fos. and f4se, examples shown below:

4) Copy to both folders
5) Use Fallrim (Resaver) on the saves in Fallrim folder, do not touch the original folder at all.

What ever happens from this point on means that no matter what you do, screw up or completely :nuke:, you can copy back the original (Pre- Fallrim touched) saves back into your Fallout 4 save folder and you will be back to where you started

Now you can Fallrim (Resaver) with confidence:aye:

ReSaver Main Page (NOTE: when starting Resaver, it will ask for your Fallout 4 save to load)
Resaver No.JPG

Notice we are using F4SE, so remember to copy both the .fos and .f4se save file to another location first and point Resaver to that.
We understand that Resaver backs up etc, but often we make mistakes, backing up guarantees that you are 100% protected from any mistakes and is why we highly recommend it. Once your happy you can copy and paste the new save(s) back into your Fallout 4 saves folder.

Bad Example
12 Unattached instances
34 Active Scripts
3 Suspended Stack

Good Example

0 Unattached instances
3 Active Scripts
0 Suspended Stack

Examples of Good to Bad
Resaver Good.JPG
Resaver Not Good.JPG
Resaver Bad.JPG

However also to note are the read sizes, in the examples shown here, not so much of an issue, the saves increase as you go further into the game, however, its worth noting the size if its large and you are not that far into the game.

So what are we looking to achieve and how do we achieve it?
(Green is GOOD and RED is on the edge of you falling to your doom - always aim for the green or below though)
Read size - 20-35mb 35-45mb 50+mb
Unattached Instances 0 1 2+
Active Scripts 10 20 25+
Suspended Stacks 0 1 2+

Unattached Instances are easy to deal with


Active Scripts
This area is a little more difficult and you may need to seek advice. One of the reason for a high number of scripts may be down to the mod or a number of mods,

1) Read about the mod first
2) Take note of how old it is or its last updated.
3) If there is a bug report page, look at that?
(a) Look at outstanding bug, how old they are
(b) Authors responses, if any
(c) If there is no bug report page, that can also raise concerns

Be careful about the mods you select

Active Scripts:

The number of scripts can vary from place to place, if you move from one area to one another, then the active scripts may reduce down, on the other hand if I move into an area of importance, maybe the possibility of multiple quests, the scripts may increase significantly, so the best way to test a save is too:

Go to an interior area, like (Vanilla) Vault 111 or (Vanilla) Homeplate, wait 5-10 minutes, save and exit. This will allow for some scripts to unload, an example below, after waiting 10 minutes in Vault 111.

This will allow for a clearer idea on mod/script issues. However if you are unsure, seek advice.
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