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  1. H

    Castle upgraded from level 1 to 3 now buildings are stuck at level 2

    This is my first play through with rotc on Xbox, recently I noticed my castle settlement was level 3 when I had previously upgraded to level 2 from level one. (I have manual upgraded on) I have no saves prior to my last upgrade and am worried I will not be able to upgrade it to the third tier as...
  2. D


  3. Wake

    Remote Settlement Reset?

    Hello, I recently started a new playthrough of F4 with SS2 and a number of the SS2 Add-Ons like RoTC and Wasteland Ventures. At some point, Tenpines Bluff became a CTD Settlement (used a RoTC city plan). Whatever's wrong with the Settlement I figure can be fixed by resetting it and Sim...
  4. HyperLordBender

    Bug ROTC - Starlight Drive in issues

    Ive been having issues with this settlement. Often has corrupted power grids (see second spoiler) and duplicated plots. Refreshing the plan takes in excess of 20 minutes (See first spoiler). This is not a PC issue, as none of my resources are maxed out, and there is no script lag (using SKK's...
  5. A

    RoTC city plan not building at Greentop nursery

    So, I do the quest to access to the workbench, I set up a planner table, assign a settler because I don't have any unique options according to the planner's desk. After which it asks for the cost in ASAMs then it go to the little cut scene bit where I am floating over the settlement, and then...
  6. AnielskieOczka

    Settlers not moving, frozen at one place [SOLVED]

    Hello guys, First things first, to visualise what my problem exactly looks like, I'll post this video I recorded showing all the issues I got: And now the background. These problems appeared just after I installed RotC DLC to SS2. Before, Sanctuary Hills (the only settlement I used City Plan...
  7. B

    Question ROTC: Vault 88

    Do Vault 88 ROTC city plan cover the whole section or just the section near the entrance? And I notice that city plan limit for Vault 88 ROTC is just 6 settler. I mean.. come on.. 6 settler for vault 88? Is it a bug?
  8. B

    Solved Sim Settlement 3 in 1. ROTC Complex plan?

    Hi, I just recently finished playing Fallout 4 and I want to make another playthrough because the game feel empty for some reason. So I was looking for a mods and I stumble upon this. after watching many review video I was really impressed. Beofre starting, I wanna ask something.. Is there any...
  9. Zach Constance

    Question Can someone help with CTDs and micro-stuttering around settlements?

    Hey guys, I love the Sim Settlement mods, but I'm having difficulty visiting the settlements that are being built through Sim Settlements. Can anyone help?
  10. Reconphil

    Question RotC - Complex City Plans Version

    Is there a way to set the version of RotC - Complex City Plans, currently 1.0.1 on Nexus so it doesn't show up as out of date? It assumes RotC - Complex City Plans should be 4.2.9.
  11. M

    Question City Plans never generate enough beds

    Every single settlement I use has been with ROTC City Plans. I love it so far and things are working out pretty well. However I have seriously unhappy settlements. There are never enough beds! I finally went through and counted and found I did have 10 beds not the 9 that was showing. I went...
  12. T

    Question Settlers Idle Around (ROTC)

    I have ROTC enabled, as well as maybe a dozen more mods. Only two add additional quests; the rest are cosmetic. In both Sanctuary, Abernathy Farms, and Starlight Drive-In (the only 3 I've gotten to so far), the settlers simply stand still. They don't make their way to plots or do any work. I...
  13. C

    Solved Missing Sanctuary Builds?

    Hello, I'm a new user to SS mods, and have fallen in love with the concept of them. I am currently running 3-in-1 and have both megapacks installed. That just about fills the mod space on my Xbox unfortunately, so I am not able to play around with some of the individual addons. My question is...
  14. A

    Question Problems at the Castle.

    for some reason this has only affected the castle city plan pack so far. the rotc build works fine but I can't get the city plan pack for the castle to do anything. I've tried refreshing, adjusting the place anywhere mod, switching plans but nothing works so far. like I said, the rotc plan works...
  15. Y

    Question [RotC]

    Hey guys, I browsed Google, ended up here, did additional searches and still couldn't find anything. No problem, it's a lot to take in and my question is pretty simple. Are shops in RotC non-functional, or do they only begin being functional at a certain point? I have a lv. 1 RotC...
  16. N

    Question I can't see markers(blue man) at commercial plots in Hangman's alley

    i saw the markers from other cites that using ROTC plans. but i can't see the markers from hangman's alley so i can't assign my settlers to bar, stalls.. perhaps, is there any way i can set blue markers manually? i used optimized version for the first game and same issue was there now i'm...
  17. FluffySpaceShark

    Question Is there any way to merge the city plans?

    I really want a large list of options for city plans, but I really don't like the idea of having like 50+ esl files hogging up the list. So, if there is any way to merge them all, or at least ones from each pack, then that would be great. Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask.
  18. Loci

    Solved Move to the 3-in-1 in 2019

    My forum search isn't working, if this has been asked recently post a link to the question I'll remove this thread (if I can)!! So I've been using the 3 seperate SS, IR and RotC pretty much since they all came out. My current save was made around 3.X era of SS and has been nicely following the...
  19. NNR

    Question XB1 Triangle Of Death Crash

    Based on researching the subject, this topic has been run over many times, and I apologize if I am beating a dead horse. However, regardless of how much I have looked into it, I still haven't found a proper solution to the issue I am running into other than the Xbox One S isn't great for SS. I...
  20. F

    Question Abernathy not upgrading

    I seem to always have this issue with Abernathy Farm in particular when using RotC. It gets stuck at level 0 and does not upgrade. In the past, I've been able to solve this by donating enough scrap so that the desk shows 100%. However, on this playthrough, that is still not triggering the...