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  1. A

    Question Several Missing Objects/Structures

    Lately using SS has been a pain due to missing objects and structures during city and plot building. This seems to be due to me using SLI. I have had this issue for a very long time now and the only workaround I have found is to turn off SLI, go and mess with my settlements, turn SLI back on...
  2. Cranky Cat

    Resolved SLI and invisible plot objects?

    Has anyone else had issues with invisible chairs, tables, etc. particularly on internal plots? I have. It started to get really annoying. I normally had SLI with two Nvidia (GTX 1080ti) cards and with ENB running so I disabled both and rebooted. I repeated the test from the same game save every...
  3. B

    HUD Vanished

    I finally figured out how to use the layers tool # after several months, and all was OK. I decided to move the HUD because it was always in my way so I moved it all the way to the right side, slightly smaller and sitting just underneath my Holotime2 widget. It looked great but at some...
  4. filosofer

    Can't build city Planners desk due to missing component "Advanced C..."

    I have both the Fallout 4 as well as the Sim Settlements mod installed via Vortex. I managed to activate the mod using the Holotape, then access the menu through the work bench. I found the option for building the City Planner's work Desk but when I try to build it myself I see that one of the...
  5. R

    can't find turrets, water pump, regular generators, and other vanilla resources. where are they?

    when i go into the menu of each of these items, the vanilla models are missing. for example, in the generator section there is only a rank 4 science super generator, and none of the basic generators needed for getting power. what am i doing wrong?
  6. V

    Missing SS Gear Icon Workshop Mode

    Everything I've done so far in order: 1. Deactivated HUD Framework, used City Manager holotape -----> SS activated no problems 2. Quit with save, activated HUD Framework and loaded save 3. No SMM holotape found... manually inserted it thru player.additem and ran it... did not complete, endless...
  7. Snowvaan

    As requested, the plaques, names and Level.

    Tread started in: Commercial Signage missing texture I was checking all my settlements to see if i find more plots with this missing texture and i found the same Agricultural Plot (Image 2) without the missing textures, the plot with the missing texture is in the Graygarden and the one with...
  8. captain_capes

    Plots not showing on workshop menu

    I cannot find the plots in my workshop menu I've looked in all the workshop sections I've deleted all mods that would conflict that are listed on the wiki I've tried the ingame mod installation and nexus I've tried Settlement Menu Manager I've started the game without the mod and retired...
  9. H

    Fixed Martial Plot 2x2 Option Gone

    While playing, I placed a 2x2 martial plot in my game, but there's not a lot of build option so I decided to install every addon I could find at nexus all at once(probably stupid). Once I loaded the game, everything's working fine except that the 2x2 martial plot is gone. I thought maybe one of...
  10. M

    No Holotape, No ASAM!

    There is no holotape! I downloaded this mod with a fresh start, i checked all the installation videos and followed every help guide. I have the correct files in the data folder i tried to do a clean save, no matter what i do the holotape doesn't show up, neither do the boxes. i know exactly...