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faction pack

  1. U

    Solved Menu option to pre-build settlements never popped up

    I'm using a mod called Start Me Up as I got tired of always playing the Sole Survivor and I'm thinking this might have messed with Conqueror's option to build settlements at the start. I did see Jammer in Concord though and have started doing his quests. I have read the FAQs and did start a new...
  2. Tinuvia

    Update 1.0.6 Atom's Glory - custom Power Armor units

    Atom's faithful! Mighty warriors await to join your army in this update, version 1.0.6: New special unit, “Atom’s Glory Banes” with 4 different sets of Power Armor, assault rifles and a 15% risk of carrying a nuka grenade. Costs 500 resources to recruit, consume 10 extra equipment and provide a...
  3. D

    Question How do I add mod-added gear to soldiers?

    I'm working on a faction pack that is themed after mod-added content. I'm trying to get the soldiers to wear armor and use weapons that are exclusively mod-added, for immersion and gameplay purposes. When they generate they only have the combat knife I gave them for thematic reasons and are...
  4. D

    Question Faction Soldiers Randomly Hostile After Raid

    I'm testing a faction I made, and whenever I complete a raid, a few soldiers will be highlighted in vats as hostile, and will verbally threaten me, such as "You don't belong here". After a few moments some will turn green and resume normal functions, but always at least 1 will attack me and the...
  5. D

    Question Faction Pack Help

    I'm trying to resume work on a faction pack I tried to put together some 2 months ago. The theme was a halo's UNSC spartan/ marine faction using various mods to create an immersive Liberator faction. Problem was, I'd gotten to testing the mod and the soldiers weren't wearing any of the outfits...
  6. zerohalo100

    Solved Can I switch my faction after/during the questline?

    This is my first time using Conqueror so I basically bumbled into Jammer's quest in Concord and I've been gleefully doing a truly different starting run as a bad guy. However, the whole reason I decided to try Conqueror was because I discovered the Forsaken Vaulters faction pack and I was...
  7. S

    Question What should I expect from an Armory?

    I'm working on a Conq faction, and have defined the loadouts... and things don't seem right. With MCM options all ON and Armory Equip ON for both of my personal guards, only *one* got gear (placed in their inventory, but not equipped). After that, neither got gear (but the HUD still stated that...
  8. Lizardo

    Question NPC roles completely broken -- slave warriors, faction guards as workers, enslaved dog, + more bugs

    I'm playing on Conqueror, latest patch, although this bug has been happening my entire playthrough (began two patches ago, bug existed each time). Basically, NPC roles are completely broken. There is a dog in my outpost that is called "captive" I currently have a human slave as one of my...
  9. Sydwal

    Question Faction Pack Brick Wall

    Not sure if this is the right place but here goes. My first mod and as I was fed up with waiting I'm attempting a faction pack for Conqueror that is not on XBox yet - at least in a satisfactory form. I've put a lot of hours in (lockdown and all that) but I've hit a brick wall. I've created some...
  10. T

    Suggestion Faction pack Sisters of Hectate (Spies and sabotage)

    Daughters of hectate - Synopsis- dark and sneaky faction pack that allows you to train, build and upgrade your own faction of spies, saboteurs, and assassins. Allowing you to soften your enemies before a raid or the long con inspiring the locals to revolt and turn leadership over to you. New...
  11. Safecandy

    Solved Can't launch assaults anymore

    Hello! First, I have to say, I love this mod. I have over 2k hours in FO4 since it launched and this mod honestly makes it a new game. However, I'm having trouble with Conqueror. I am using the BOS Faction Pack just after Act 2 started and have had success setting up a main base at BOS...
  12. S

    Faction Pack - Church of the Embraced

    I am looking for feedback on a new faction pack I am currently working on, the Church of the Embraced. Major Features: Introduction quest line. Lead a church/army of ghouls. Become a friend to feral ghouls. New settlement in the Glowing Sea. Unlockable Glowing One ghouls. Unlockable non-feral...
  13. P

    Question Minutemen Liberators - Bounty Hunter, Contractors and K9 functions

    Does anyone know what their functions are? The mod page (42069 is the mod ID) gives no useful information on what they do and I can't find it anywhere else either. Thanks a lot.
  14. S

    Question New Faction Pack - Various Questions

    I am working on a new faction pack, I have assaults, recruitment, ranks, a unlock/introduction quest, and more all working but I've collected a number of questions, any help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if I'm missing anything obvious, this is the first Sim Settlements mod I've attempted...
  15. Tinuvia

    Atom's Glory Liberator Faction Pack - now available!

    Child of Atom liberator faction for Conqueror. Includes quests, custom armor, weapons, building plans, skins for the Conqueror plots, new faces and reworked vanilla dialogue. Embrace the Glow! Starting up Go to Jalbert Brothers and investigate what killed the Children of Atom there. A Sim...