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Question NPC roles completely broken -- slave warriors, faction guards as workers, enslaved dog, + more bugs


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I'm playing on Conqueror, latest patch, although this bug has been happening my entire playthrough (began two patches ago, bug existed each time). Basically, NPC roles are completely broken.
  • There is a dog in my outpost that is called "captive"
  • I currently have a human slave as one of my personal guards, somehow
  • I was able to get faction guards of an anarcho-communist liberator faction to join my raider army as warriors
  • Some people that are clearly slaves are incorrectly listed as workers, but I cannot trade with them; "talk" results in me ordering them around. If I use the console to open their inventory and take away their slave collar, about 50% of the time they become civilians and have full civilian functionality, and about 50% of the time they remain enslaved with slave functionality.
  • I have almost no civilians in any of my vassals
  • I can't motivation stick non-civilians so this weirdness + lack of civilians means balancing my soldier needs might be impossible
Here's a specific example of how this chaos propagates: I recently vassalized Outpost Zimonja. US Army Doughboys (faction pack here), which are the guards of certain factions, didn't all die during the assault (but one did), just knocked down. They auto-assigned themselves, or already were, as workers and are doing tasks such as farming. But if I try to assign them to a worker-related task, like moving them to a new industrial plot, I can't because they are faction guards which can only (in theory) work martial plots.
Also, some of my raider warriors who joined the assault became workers at this vassal instead of guards.
Also, a slave that was likely present when I vassalized that place is working at a clinic but if I try to talk to the slave I can only order the slave around, not buy my Jet.
Also, there's at least two slaves at that vassal, but only one shows up in the count in the HUD (I know the system needs time to update just after a raid but this is persistent
Also, when I attacked the vassal in the first place, there were also gunners attacking the place, and it was the gunners who made up the majority of the hostile "defenders" according to the quest markers, so maybe the system thought they owned the place even though it was abundantly clear from when I scouted the settlement + the flag that the ghouls owned it.
Also, there's no civilians here, so all I have to work with on this vassal are broken raider-workers, a broken slave-doctor, broken ghoul-guards who probably should be hostile to me, broken ghoul-workers who should not be workers since I think they are technically factional guards and cannot be reassigned, broken raider-guards who are also farming a random single tato plant each, and a single functional slave who is unhappily working an indoor farm plot.

So... uh... yeah, this playthrough is a bit rough. Any advice? I have had canary installed the entire time with no warnings, so I don't think this is a script data loss issue. According to ReSaver I only have 1 suspended stack and 6 active scripts while standing in Outpost Zimonja, so I'm not seeing this as a script lag issue either. I am hoping to conqueror the commonwealth but given how much nonsense is going on at each settlement I touch, it's getting a bit tricky to balance soldier needs (and I feel disabling them is a little bit too easy).

Screenshots -- note that I am playing with Sanguinaire, so NPCs sometimes glow red, which is NOT part of the bugs I'm having. Sanguinaire is a script-heavy mod, but my understanding of ReSaver indicates that script lag isn't the problem here.

This faction soldier should, in theory, not be willing to be a guard for my raider vassal. But maybe he's not picky.

Sure enough, he can only be a guard or on patrol.

But, as if he were one my own raider warriors, I can move him to one of my outposts.

He is also tending precisely one carrot.

This fella is also a doughboy but fancies himself a worker. (Also, in the foreground is my fearless slave warrior. More on him later.)

He is currently working an industrial plot, but this "worker" cannot be assigned to any other worker-valid plot, such as agricultural. Also, he is invalid as a warrior.

This slave, however, is not invalid for a warrior, so after taking this screenshot I made him one of my personal guards. He correctly loots stuff like a proper personal guard (he was unarmed when I started and now has an automatic 10 mm), but upon entering combat he acts kinda weird and starts screaming? Honestly, can't blame him.

Here's the slave-doctor Outpost Zimonja came with. As you can see, he interacts with you like a slave. I cannot interact with him as a doctor nor a merchant.

But he still has a medical license!

And, last but not least, the very good boy:
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I'm afraid I don't have any advice but I love your description of your obstinate npcs.