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Update 1.0.6 Atom's Glory - custom Power Armor units


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Atom's faithful! Mighty warriors await to join your army in this update, version 1.0.6:
  • New special unit, “Atom’s Glory Banes” with 4 different sets of Power Armor, assault rifles and a 15% risk of carrying a nuka grenade. Costs 500 resources to recruit, consume 10 extra equipment and provide a little extra control. Available to recruit through the radio when you have 7 outposts/vassals under the control of Atom’s Glory.
  • Because of how Conqueror is set up to keep the npcs in power armor for assaults, their armor is set as owned (marked red as stolen). If you want them for yourself you can trade the armor pieces from them, though.
  • Fixes a bug that could cause the Baron commander to not become recruitable.
  • Small body weight fixes on Champion, Contender and Combatant outfits.
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Get the new version:
Nexus PC here PC here XB1 here
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