Suggestion Faction pack Sisters of Hectate (Spies and sabotage)

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    Daughters of hectate -

    Synopsis- dark and sneaky faction pack that allows you to train, build and upgrade your own faction of spies, saboteurs, and assassins. Allowing you to soften your enemies before a raid or the long con inspiring the locals to revolt and turn leadership over to you. New plots and equipments ECT

    Story- hectate was a prewar spy training program to instantly train a spy through brain surgery The Prophet comes from the hectate center. The prophets ultimate goal is to join with the institute and replace her body with a synth body while keeping her consciousness.


    The prophet shows up in your camp waking you up after you've sacked 3 settlements if male or if female the night you side with jammer. Offering her services if you help her.

    You can now build the hectate research & foundry in industrial for research. Hectate teaching Hall in recreational for upgrading units with holodisks and to train female settlers or civilians into Daughters.

    The first assignment is to retrieve a working terminal (new vendor), a prototype brain-Autodoc, and find a crashed B.O.S vertibird with a encrypted holotape

    The second assignment is to gain a good reputation with a enemy settlement and implant a daughter in it (requires at least one form)

    The prophet can train daughters up to rank 2 over time. holotapes will allow new daughters to start at that rank. Holodisks grant daughters certain functions they do throughout there stay at a settlement or when a raid starts

    4 ranks
    Initiate, graduated, master and grandmaster

    Functions- can be performed by any rank just better quality with better rank but will also increase there chance of being caught. Higher ranks will lessen this risk and cause higher yield.

    1. Assinate I-A chance for the daughter to assinate a gaurd every night
    2. Bedlam-Visiting your daughters at there plot will grant you some of the supplies they have stolen. Hurts happiness overtime
    3. Soften I -Poison water supply in combat the gaurd are weakened and sluggish
    4. Soften II -Rigg turretts to explode before combat.
    5. Assinate II -assassins will now target shopkeepers which will affect how many hired gunners the town can afford
    6. Revolution -Chance to inspire revolution granting control to the daughters
    7. Cut communications- sabatoge radio beacon
    8. Salt the earth- salt the ground to make settlers leave cannot grow food at this settlement permanenttly significant chance to get caught and is a order
    9. Payout- payout Gunner mercs for them to be neutral on assault this an order
    10. Madien- CO upgrade

    Research and foundry- equipment for you and daughters of hectate
    1. Cloak of Hectate- long black Cloak with sigil of Hectate- (50% chance to grant access to other settlements) apparel item
    1. Mask of Hectate-(^^) theater make up last until removed with other aid item
    R. Pit vipers- farm plot need to build and arm daughters with hectate's kiss
    R. Hectate's kiss- small syrigner pistol that can deliver pit viper venom dart which paralyzes
    R. 1st form- daughters In settlements will disguise themselves as doctors and give tainted medical supplies to the settlement happiness drops and random psychotic breaks
    R. 2nd form- harlot daughter will disguise them selves as harlots, assination attempts will double and with near 100% success rate
    R. 3rd form- teacher disguise revolution chance will double civilians will randomly attack gaurd
    Lvl2R. Finger of Hectate- A Long junk knuckle dagger rusted and serrated bleed with normal and stun with power attack
    Lvl2R. Hectate robe- Accepted into any settlement with a daughter implanted +2 charisma base clothes
    Lvl2R. Hectates hood- dark hood and face cover hides identity bounties will disappear when hood is removed
    Lvl2R. Hectate's will- Scrap bow/crossbow few bonus arrow types (emp, plasma, pit viper) short quest for advance arrows
    Lvl3R. Graduate set meduim armour
    Lvl3R. Graduate helmet plate helmet with intimidating spikes increase intimidation
    Lvl3R. Hectate's hand- dual scrap swords heavy bleed hit twice to make up for not being independent
    Lvl3R. Hectate's fist- Rebar Club heavy damage knockdown
    Lvl3R. Hectate's Hate- pit viper venom developed into a gas grenade
    Lvl3R. Target swapper minicomputer swaps targets for automated turrets in vicinity based on science

    Features which may be difficult to add

    Assigning daughters to nonowned settlements where they have there own home and work plot

    Chance for detection which will kill the daughter and display them dead outside the settlement and lower the chance for them to accept another daughter

    Implemting a posion system

    Rates for nonowned settlements?

    Future goal

    The prophets request- take the castle (nuka world?) for her and recreate her slave tribes the Hangdogs-infantry Vipers-slavers and hounds of hectate-elite and squad leaders

    Kidnap atom cats to create PA armour for Hectate and her slaves



    The prophet- grandmaster armour exposing no skin, she wears a face plate exposing only her mouth and a dark hood. Her voice is ghoulish and old. She is equipped with a single scrap sword, syringer pistol and hunting rifle.


    Maiden- commander of hectate improves training of daughters in camp

    Bears her teeth- leader of the hangdogs. Brass bladed knuckles. Incorporates his filed teeth into combat. Deranged and worships dogs. Fur clothing

    Egg keeper- male viper carries a sling with a large egg. Leather armour and poison arrows 15 per day and throwing spears for lethal excellent slaving companion.

    Cerberus- only Hound protocol soldier left. A perfect loyal soldier. Hound was Hectate for NCOs. Expert marksman with any non energy weapon. Uses combat knife for melee.
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    Sounds like the Dark Brotherhood from Skyrim a bit? :) I like it... and sounds very interesting. Will be watching for this one...


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