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Question Faction Pack Brick Wall


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Not sure if this is the right place but here goes. My first mod and as I was fed up with waiting I'm attempting a faction pack for Conqueror that is not on XBox yet - at least in a satisfactory form. I've put a lot of hours in (lockdown and all that) but I've hit a brick wall. I've created some special units following KG's excellent tutorial PDFs but every time I launch an attack the default uniforms (I'm using Ronnie Shaw's outfit for one of the special units) and faces change into those of regular soldiers. Curiously, they keep the minigun I've given them. This happens with some special unit dogs I've set up too. Bandanas equipped when recruited - bandanas gone when they come out of the workshop for an attack. Any help would be appreciated - I'm hoping it's something really simple I'm missing. Thanks.


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You will also get faster responses etc on the discord. Here it can be slow getting replies, depending on who's around etc. And not everyone here will be looking at this post.