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Faction Pack - Church of the Embraced


New Member
I am looking for feedback on a new faction pack I am currently working on, the Church of the Embraced.

Major Features:
  • Introduction quest line.
  • Lead a church/army of ghouls.
  • Become a friend to feral ghouls.
  • New settlement in the Glowing Sea.
  • Unlockable Glowing One ghouls.
  • Unlockable non-feral ghouls as citizens.
  • Faction flag, decorations, and (maybe) settlement sounds.
  • 6 Initial Bounty Quests.
  • New Dungeon.
  • New Diamond City and Goodneighbor Lore.
  • The ability to start assaults from anywhere in the world.
Full Design Doc:

I'd love to hear any thoughts/ideas.



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Great idea for a faction pack and it has the tone spot on in notes and dialogue. I think the quests are interesting too. Looking forward to seeing it completed!


New Member
I am definitely keen to see more on this.

The Ghoulish perk always seemed under-realised to me, I'd love to see some minor bonuses to your faction if you have taken ranks in it. Even maybe using it as an alternative to the implant? Like have the quest check if you've got the perk and if so skip the implant bit, because you have a natural ability? Not sure if that could work, but it's an idea I had. lol


New Member
I could offer the ability to recruit Charred Ghouls as a special unit for players who take the Ghoulish perk.

The implant serves as a central mechanic, letting the player start assaults, recruit ghouls in the open-world, etc. So I wouldn't want to remove it from any players, but adding rewards to the Ghoulish Perk makes a lot of sense as its benefits are being rendered a bit obsolete by the mod.


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Starting a raid from anywhere is awesome and particularly immersive. Ferals are everywhere. Call 'em up!