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Old Post Gunner Questline for Conqueror?


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Once the framework for building onto Conqueror is released, I'd love to lend my writing hand toward building a Gunner questline for Conqueror.

I've been mulling over a rough story of a Gunner Hardliner who wants to turn the rough scatterings of Gunner outposts into a centralized unstoppable force with the Sole Survivor acting as his enforcer. Given the PC's military background (if playing as male) they could be lead to believe that because of the military-style structuring of the group that they are the successors to the US Army.

In the base game, sans mods, the Gunners are nothing but raiders with better armor masquerading in the official lore as mercenaries for hire. Despite this they are permanently hostile toward the PC and aren't hireable as mercenaries, making them little more than shooting targets that shoot back.

Certain exceptions could be made in the questline for specific groups of Gunners, the ones in Quincy and GNN Plaza could be branded 'radicals' or 'traitors' and clearing them out could be a means of proving loyalty to the Hardliner's cause. A means of achieving a peaceful, neutral and complete dominance ending could also be implemented.

If this sounds like anyone else's cup of tea, join in the thread and let's rap!