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  1. M

    Suggestion Creating a custom faction in-game and diplomacy

    Introduction: Greetings, I am a new member here who recently became fascinated with the idea of the Conqueror mod, and would like to share some thoughts that came to me on the topic of creating a custom faction in-game. Let's get to it! Note: This could be an add-on pack for the Conqueror...
  2. C

    Ways to fix a game I hate

    OK, I've posted elsewhere that I HATE Fallout 4. Now the problem is that many MANY Fallout fans hate Fallout 4. The gameplay loop is obnoxious and the story is.....only a marginal improvement over Fallout 3. That's not why I despise this game, and I'm pretty sure that's not why most people who...
  3. RayBo

    Old Post A simply brilliant Mod!

    One fun mod! Simplistic Tent by kitcat81 Goes great with! Settlements Redone - Lakeside Cabin Settlement by Tarsis31 and Yagisan And it is Dogmeat Approved!
  4. Sirlach

    Old Post Sim like Game Mechanic - Waste.

    I've had a few people ask for toilets and bathrooms in plots and that got me thinking about City Simulations and game mechanics. Having a little experience with modding and CK now and seeing how the plumbing works i think it would be possible to have a waste mechanic in the game for those of us...
  5. harkness13

    Old Post Gunner Questline for Conqueror?

    Once the framework for building onto Conqueror is released, I'd love to lend my writing hand toward building a Gunner questline for Conqueror. I've been mulling over a rough story of a Gunner Hardliner who wants to turn the rough scatterings of Gunner outposts into a centralized unstoppable...
  6. A

    Breaking Bad plot suggestion: Fertilizing station...using dead bodies

    So i have this idea brewing in my mind... Wouldn't it be cool to have some kind of shack where dead bodies get dumped in bathtubs where they get dissolved into fertilizer? So after a raid or attack, whenever there are dead bodies laying around, this guy makes his tour round the settlement...