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  1. K

    Question -122051 Experience

    I put a personal guard into power armor to make it stronger but I noticed that the xp was set to a very negative number just wondering if there was a way to fix it also I took the npc out of the power armor
  2. S

    Question For the love of God help

    Newbie warning So recently transitioned from xbox to a high end pc. So I'm brand new to the modding world. I got fallout 4 and am using the in-game mod menu (bethesdas mods) since nexus still seems intimidating and bethesda mods seem to have all I want anyways. So I was able to get 20 hours...
  3. B

    Question Phantom "workers" after assault on prebuilt + conquered tenpines [xbox]

    Hey folks! Continuing my first conquerer playthrough. As others have documented, some funny interactions between preconquered places and Minuteman quests (the conqueror faction I chose). Not sure if that's the source of the problem. I saw some stuff in patch updates about fixing bodies clearing...
  4. Y

    Question Finch Farms Building Issues

    So, I was heading towards finch farms cause Garvey gave me the quest to head over that way. I took my time dealt with some synth hating radicals and upon arrival I found the farm was partially constructed from conqueror and there were foundations missing and some textures hadn’t loaded. On top...
  5. S

    Solved Game crashes when I approach a Conqueror pre-built settlement

    Hi all, This is my first post on this forum and I hope I'm doing it right, as I've long been a fan of Youtubers using Sim Settlements and only recently decided to try the mod out myself. I've started a heavily modded playthrough of Fallout 4 and am really enjoying it, having started a city plan...
  6. Tinuvia

    Update 1.0.6 Atom's Glory - custom Power Armor units

    Atom's faithful! Mighty warriors await to join your army in this update, version 1.0.6: New special unit, “Atom’s Glory Banes” with 4 different sets of Power Armor, assault rifles and a 15% risk of carrying a nuka grenade. Costs 500 resources to recruit, consume 10 extra equipment and provide a...
  7. Ulfric1

    Question Armory not Giving Equipment

    I'm working on a faction pack for SS Conqueror and I'm testing some of the stuff I've added at this point. I have a rank 2 armory built but it doesn't add the equipment I included for recruits to my existing recruits or the newer ones I got after building it. They should be getting light combat...
  8. commonparadox

    Question Sim Settlements w/ Outcasts & Remnants Difficulties

    Hey all. Just getting back into FO4 and am not the most experienced with modding as of yet. Lately, I have run into a snag between SimSettlements/Conqueror and Outcasts & Remnants. I'm hoping someone might have experience with the mod combo. The problem mostly comes in the form of companion...
  9. D

    Question Conqueror Issue

    Whenever arranging my attack force, when I click on the "Soldiers" section, all of my available units automatically fills it up, going over my limit of 15. Clicking on "Soldiers" only gives me the text box of "How many attackers do you want to send?" I cannot edit anything about the "Soldiers"...
  10. Mistahjay28

    Suggestion Creating a Forged Faction

    I know in Conqueror you can have them as an ally during Jammer's Raider questline but I was wondering if there was a possibility of creating their own faction pack and even storyline? If I had more time outside of work, I could help contribute to the scripting but I am still brainstorming ideas...
  11. D

    Solved Conqueror question

    Can I start the game on a current save? Or does it have to be a new game? Also I didn't know this existed so I was using Rise of the Commonwealth. Will these 2 conflict? Should I uninstall ROTC?
  12. C

    Conqueror x Crimes and punishment

    Hey guys, first time poster so sorry if i break any rules/etiquette but i have a question relating to the compatibility between conqueror and crimes and punishment. Is sim settlement Conqueror compatible with Crimes and punishment? if it is what is the load order for it? if not can i request a...
  13. valkyriejack

    Question Can't assign raiders roles

    Sorry if this has been answered before. I haven't been able to assign any roles to my raiders. The prompt for it doesn't show up. I have auto-assign on, and it's been assigning them to be guards and warriors ect, but I'm not able to assign them to patrol. I was wondering if maybe one of my...
  14. Snowdoesgames

    Question Raids constantly crash (XB1)

    Xbox1S user, game consistently crashes during combat with settlement citizens, making raids impossible. Not every citizen crashes the game, sometimes I might get 6 or 7 citizens in before the crash occurs. SS mods I have installed in order: - Sim Settlements: Three in one (top of order) -...
  15. S

    Question Conqueror Cutscene Crash

    I was playing Fallout 4 with conqueror and my gang had recently raided Red Rocket ( the one in front of the sanctuary, not Nuka World) I had wanted to let it be hands-off so I had assigned Cait as a Commander I picked tear it all down then the cutscene started from above. It was going well but...
  16. ArtificialCactus

    Question Attack force added without adding

    every time I try to go out on liberate an outpost, it says I already have 7 selected even though I just opened the attack force menu, I've cleared out all my companions, dismissed all of my personal guards and I still have 7 special unit ghosts joining the assault. Im not sure if its a bug or if...
  17. Akeeper

    Solved Customization of your gang

    Hi, I recently started playing Conqueror and want to ask: is it possible to customize my gang? And more specifically: 1) Is it possible to change the relationship of other factions to their own (From conquerors to liberators and vice versa)? 2) Is it possible to choose a set of conversational...
  18. D

    Question Help making faction pack?

    TLDR I'm trying to make a halo themed faction. The mods I wanted to pull assets from for the faction were misraiah armory for weapons, helljumpers and mark vb for weapons and armor for troops. There would be two special units, SPARTANs and ODSTs, but first I need my default solider: the...
  19. A

    Question Missing City Plan Structures

    Hello, Seems my Sanctuary city plan is missing some structures and I am not sure why. I have tried verifying my fallout 4 files using steam, reinstalling SS-3-in-1, refreshing the city as well as going to an old save and trying to rebuild the foundation. I use Mod Organizer 2 and I have...
  20. D

    Question A Few More Questions About Faction Packs

    Hi, I made a post a little while ago with some questions before I made my faction, now I've got a few more based on recent issues and discoveries. 1) Can I have all the factions I make in a single plugin, or should I keep every faction I make seperate? I ask because I'm making a Liberator and...