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  1. Snowdoesgames

    Question Raids constantly crash (XB1)

    Xbox1S user, game consistently crashes during combat with settlement citizens, making raids impossible. Not every citizen crashes the game, sometimes I might get 6 or 7 citizens in before the crash occurs. SS mods I have installed in order: - Sim Settlements: Three in one (top of order) -...
  2. Sydwal

    Question Faction Pack Brick Wall

    Not sure if this is the right place but here goes. My first mod and as I was fed up with waiting I'm attempting a faction pack for Conqueror that is not on XBox yet - at least in a satisfactory form. I've put a lot of hours in (lockdown and all that) but I've hit a brick wall. I've created some...
  3. Tinuvia

    Wasteland Venturers now 85MB smaller for xbox!

    We've used a different method for the building plans. This made it possible to reduce the file size of Wasteland Venturers (WV1) by a whopping 85 MB while keeping all the content the same. So grab it now! XB1 Hopefully this will also help you guys with the file management when the new Conqueror...
  4. S


    The SS HUD is lagging and not updating and sometimes not even displaying the correct settlement information or any it's blank. Even if you leave a settlement area and just stand there for 10 minutes it will just display the last settlement information until the Xbox goes into standby mode. It...
  5. mrj

    Fixed Never ending settlers in Sunshine Tidings and an invisible settler in Red Rocket.

    Hello, Before I begin, I forgot to mention in my title that I play on XB1. I have two bugs I am trying to figure out, I'm not sure if they're SS related or not, and I'm hoping someone else might have found a solution for similar issues. First, settlers won't stop coming to Sunshine Tidings...
  6. Tinuvia

    Wasteland Venturers Addon took the leap to XB1!

    And so far it seems to work as intended ;) You can find it here.