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  1. Kefke_Wren

    Hub of the Problem? More like Basement of Confusion!

    I honestly reloaded my save more times than I care to admit because I thought that something had broken in the Vault-Tec basement. It's very clever what you have to do, but if you just happen not to look at the right part of the room and see that a normally non-interactable object has a prompt...
  2. J

    Primary Bug Report Where There’s Smoke - Quest fails to advance after killing Gunners

    I’ve got to the part where I meet Adian and the gunners attack but I’ve killed all the gunners and the quest marker is still just hovering on the small settlement and the objective is to track down the gunners from the radio even after I’ve killed the gunners the combat music continues to play...
  3. H

    The Story (Beware possible Spoilers)

    I just really wanted to say that I've just finished the main story added with ss2 and I loved nearly every bid of it. Again big SPOILER warning for anyone not having finished the story. I started the story just to get the ASAMs up and running, got a bit annoyed with that Argriculture plot bug...
  4. RayBo

    Getting Started with SS2 "Spoiler" Video

    If this does ok and helps folks I may do a few more. If folks have screenshots and such of unlocks post them below. They may help other folks and we all love your screenshots :declare
  5. ACExtravaganza

    How do I "start" Sim Settlements 2

    I've already saved Preston in Concord and still haven't run into the primary quest giver, can someone tell me where he is?
  6. N

    Solved (SPOILERS) where is Q talking about when he says magic?

    ok so im on the weapons research assistant quest, and Q is saying hes tilited at windmills and if only there was magic. now my first thought was dunwich but the energy scanner didnt pick up anything, I then tried parsons assalyum and still nothing, and im stumped, where is the next scan? sense...
  7. Jester929

    Question Dialogue not working after meeting “Dora”

    After Pandora arrives at HQ and the dialogue between her and the rest of the crew happens the dialogue stops. It looks like the player has lines to say but no dialogue options appear it happens as soon as Jammer inquires about the institute.
  8. G

    Question *spoilers* Soliciting Saugus

    Hello, so I'm at soliciting saugus in jammers questline and I've alreadt killed slag and jake finch before receiving the quest. Now my objective is stuck on "kill slags remaining followers" and theres no one left to kill. Any possible workarounds or fixes?
  9. LittleNike

    Question Need help/advice for 2nd Dakka Mission (spoilers)

    What follows is very spoilery, so don't keep reading if you don't want to be spoiled! I cannot for the life of me get the sentrybot to go to the nearby molerat cave to blow it up. I had already activated (and blew up) the original sentrybot earlier in my game, but there was a fresh one...
  10. V

    Old Post Some questions regarding the Raider questline

    Hello! (Also, main FO4 quest spoilers ahead) Thanks to Conqueror (and to all involved on its creation, thank you!), I finally got the motivation to do a Raider playthrough. I already started playing, but I got some questions about the Raider questline in order to "plan" my playthrough... 1...
  11. Whisper

    Slaughtering the Brotherhood Of Steel (SPOILERS!)

    As per warning - spoilers! If you haven't gone through to the end of the game yet, and you don't want that spoiled for you, turn back now. Popcorn and random comments are welcome. :) =============================================================================== So this thread is going to be my...
  12. CodeNamed1

    Advanced Factory Hidden quest HELP! **Possible SPOILERS

    So I build a circuitry factory in advanced factorys and then I got this quest: something about a handyman to electronics where the quest is to Re-Activate the facility??? What I really have to do to advance in this quest ??HELP! There is this holotape which is encrypted and 4 computer terminals...
  13. Lancars

    (Spoiler) Godrays for panels.

    I'm trying to keep the spoilers down but. The solar panel godrays don't erase themselves when you move them leaving behind copies. I found this out trying to calibrate them. Moving them around so they all worked.
  14. E

    List of City Plans with descriptions and credits?

    Hello. I am lost and can't find a list of city plans currently in ROTC on the wiki to see credits of who made them and also the theme/focus (IE: Martial or Industrial) for settlement locations I haven't found or settled yet. Could somebody help me find it? NOTE: I couldn't find the spoiler...
  15. Lystraeus

    [spoiler] 2nd pumphouse upgrade?

    I'm struggling to discover the 2nd pumphouse upgrade. I think I've ruled out nearly every building - so either I've gone awry, I've missed something, or it has a 'special' method. Perhaps using sterile plastic? I'm assuming there is one, since all other upgrades had 2 options. Any pointers...
  16. Lystraeus

    Resolved [Industrial Revolution][spoiler] Cross-pollinating upgrades

    In one of my settlements, I had a steel mill (heh) ready to upgrade. I built another advanced industrial, snapped to the right. They faced the same way; and both on the concrete bases. I powered it, then used the ASAM to switch it from a community well to an iron mine. I immediately went to the...
  17. Lystraeus

    Resolved [Industrial Revolution][spoiler] Unexpected plot collision

    The distillery appears to cause weird collision outside the plot outline. There's invisible "lumps" blocking passage along its right hand side, and back. Inside, my SS can only jump on top of the tub & clutter with great difficulty.
  18. Lystraeus

    Fixed [Industrial Revolution][spoiler] Floating Mass Chemical decal

    The tier 3 chemical plant has "Mass Chemical" painted onto a smokestack. However, it's not wrapped around - it's floating in front of it.
  19. mytigio

    Detailed Building Overview

    This Post has exceeded the maximum length for a forum post. As such, I have moved the Detailed Building information to a Google Doc: