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  1. daroule1982

    Mod Author feature question. (Regarding Bugs in CK)

    I was wondering if your new framework could help fix issues regarding assign settlers, and such. I have been plagued with an unknown variable that keeps my C.I.T. mod from working correctly. Pulled every trick in the book, and still get the "hidden ws in pipboy", "no option to assign companion...
  2. Chuckstarrious

    Private area for the PC in a RotC settlement?

    Hey! Been trying to find an answer to this query in the wiki etc, but been unlucky so far. (If I missed an obvious hint then I apologize) Now, the question - in a RotC settlement (with a leader assigned & the city built automatically by the settlers) is there a designated 'private' area for the...
  3. Cheetah2003

    Martial plots and Settlement defense

    This is less of a bug or issue, more of a question and more 'generalized,' but since it relates to Martial plots, I'll ask here. One major irritation I'm encountering in Fallout 4 is Settlement defense and the utter moronic actions of my settlers. Mainly this: When the settlement comes under...
  4. Cranky Cat

    SS Emitter

    Wasn't there an issue a while back where there were large numbers of invisible Sim Settlement emitters or something in a bug? In a fairly small area I have 5 "SS Emitters" 1930E kgSIM_PBP_SSEmitter. Is that not supposed to happen? It's a pretty small area. I'm playing around in Starlight...
  5. TopHatFetus

    Are the rooms in cities with the city manager desk considered the players room?

    I noticed that the rooms in cities where the manager desk is placed seem to be void of plots but decorated somewhat, are they intended to be the players "room/house"? And if they arnt is there a room for the player?
  6. M

    When visiting a managed settlement, it tries to reset itself

    Every so often when I fast travel to a settlement, it will pop up a message saying that someone is now the leader (always the same person that I assigned as leader when I started the city plan), and ask me if I want to scrap everything. If I say no, and go to the city planners desk, it says...
  7. J

    Noob Modder Question

    If any of you pro modders out there can spare a few minutes for a noob, I'd be grateful. I have an idea for a few "Minueman Jail" assets that I'm trying to create, and I'd like to add prisoners. I'm slowly wrapping my head around the idea, but there's a couple of things I don't know how they...
  8. wanderer3292

    help from those of you that know about settlement game mechanics

    I've seen that the Sim Settlement devs know quite a bit about workshop mode, so im hoping someone has seen this odd issue and maybe knows whats causing it. When i pick up or scrap objects in workshop mode, in the seconds between the pop up of components and the item being scrapped, the item...
  9. Snow Fangs

    Martial Plots Stuck on Level 2

    Greetings all, This is my first post on the forum. I'm not much of a forum-goer, but lately I've had some problems that Google and previous threads simply don't answer. Atleast not that I find. Anyways, my problem is that Martial Plots at Nordhagen Beach are not passing level 2. Trust me, I...
  10. Muddball

    Gorilla settlement

    Ok, so i've gotten Junkyard dogs from Gene. I've trapped numerous animals and deathclaws in cages. But i've NEVER found the Gorillas. Has anybody? I know they exist, there is plenty of code suggesting that they can be acquired in the vanilla game. Anybody got a personal story, a link, a video?
  11. Chocolad

    Crash when inside Settlement

    Whenever I am inside in my settlements my game seems prone to crash. I've experienced this in Sanctuary, outpost Zimonja and even as far as Longfellow's cabin. Heck, in the most recent instance I simply turned around after fast-traveling to outpost Zimonja and crashed. Can someone point me to a...
  12. Daxxtruss123

    Closed Undiscovered settlement deficit messages

    Noticed this when sleeping to make time pass in game - places like the mechanist lair, vault 88 and outpost zimonja seem to pop up saying there is a deficit and machinery malfunctioned, even though I've not been to them yet. Might be because they have turrets, or power generators there before...
  13. Martin

    Closed Minutemen quests unable to complete

    Hi. So any minutemen quest which involves placing a recruitment beacon, or the artillery gun in the old gun quest won’t complete. It won’t register that you’ve placed the beacon or artillery piece and the quest won’t complete. To complete the old gun quest I had to use console commands. Just...
  14. ElderJames

    RotC: Settlements Under Attack

    Greetings all. So I only recently learned about Sim Settlements, and I have to say wow. This is a mind blowing collection of mods and quite honestly far superior to the vanilla settlement building mechanics in my opinion. I have not yet installed any mods (I play on the Xbox One, soon to be...
  15. AmyStark

    RotC Fav

    I don't have a question, just a statement. I'm trying out the new Rise of the Commonwealth builds in different settlements. So far, I vote for Graygarden as my favorite plan. I love how the space is utilized with what apartment-style housing units. But best of all is the construction upwards...
  16. C

    Automatted Building not Working

    I upgraded to SS 3.0 this morning to check out the new stuff. I followed the quick start guide placing a city manager bench in Sanctuary. I assigned a city leader, but I did not get a confirmation asking if I wanted the settlers to remove everything and build on their own like in the guide. I...
  17. Blocky

    Thanks for Sim Settlements, made a compatible mod

    This is the coolest mod for Fallout 4 I've seen. After watching a few Let's Plays on Youtube of people using Sim Settlements, I tried it and it was awesome-sauce. The games default settlers sounded like they needed an upgrade, now that there was lot more concentration of gameplay around them. I...
  18. Chocolad

    Can't find the Vanilla "Structures" tab anymore

    It seems that after I downloaded the mod, the tab "Structures" where wood, metal, and concrete structures would be (as well as ladders, stairs, etc.) is missing from the settlement menu. Proof down below: there's no "Structures" Icon Is this a bug or does "Sim Settlements" require another mod...