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  1. N

    The walls for the houses in Sanctuary Hills have disappeared. I’ve progressed since I’ve discovered it. Is there anyway to restore them?

    Hi, I just joined these forums! I’ve heard about Sim Settlements 2 but I haven’t tried it out yet, but I’ve been having this problem for months and Reddit hasn’t quite helped so I thought I might have better luck here. I found out this happened about a few months ago. I wanted to keep playing...
  2. J

    CTD when approaching or entering settlements using city manager

    Morning all. I am having a crash to desktop issue with Sim Settlements 2. I installed the mod a week or so ago and have played about 10 hours since installing without any issues. Now suddenly I am having CTDs when I approach or enter settlements in which I have used the city manager. The most...
  3. fiicus

    Various Settler Behavior Issues

    I am experiencing quite a few issues with settler behavior in my settlements: Settlers seem to completely ignore their job plots in favor of recreation plots. My guards spend all day at the firing range and my shop owners are never in their stalls. Strange behavior re: mayors and job plots...
  4. daretadakatsu

    CTD when entering Sanctuary Cell

    My friend is having issues with this; Posting it on his behalf. I believe the communications level 3 municipal plot is causing a CTD. In Sanctuary when the plot was level 2 upgrading to level 3. Left Sanctuary to do some quests before upgrade was complete. Received message "Settler has finished...
  5. Knümf

    Mechant inventories empty and can't equip my settlers with armor/weapons

    Hi, I have a few questions that I would really appreciate some help with. I have a number of (what I percieve to be) bugs regarding my merchants in my settlement. First of all, some of my merchants won't at all open the trade window when I press E, even though they are labeled with different...
  6. Gunny

    Quincy and Gunner's Plaza the End of Sim Settlements 2?

    I had a thought, what if you made the Gunner's Plaza the last mission? It could be like the Brotherhood vs the Enclave in Fallout 3 were you had to help wipe them (Enclave) out. Why not do something similar with the Gunners. Have a sequence like wipe out small Gunner outposts then take Quincy...
  7. K

    Suggestion Build limit adjustment and Settler act

    Heyy. Can there be a feature that can adjust the build limit at a settlement. I’ve noticed there’s so many settlements that already have over half their limit reached before I even start building anything. I know there’s mods that already do it but those aren’t safe. Will it also be possible to...
  8. U

    Solved Menu option to pre-build settlements never popped up

    I'm using a mod called Start Me Up as I got tired of always playing the Sole Survivor and I'm thinking this might have messed with Conqueror's option to build settlements at the start. I did see Jammer in Concord though and have started doing his quests. I have read the FAQs and did start a new...
  9. P

    Question Is Increased Settler Population Already in Sim Settlements?

    Hi! This is my first post! I've been doing a few things with my settlements but my population never increases above 14 or 15. I have 6 charisma and have removed the Charisma check and the Unemployment check on MCM, so I am wondering if I need to download this mod: Since this is my first post I...
  10. N

    Question Need help with crashing issues

    I have a new game character with only a few essential mods I will list below. I'm at about level 12 so I've done several quests and conquered 2 settlements already. As I've been playing I've been having more frequent random crashes and now a consistent crash approaching Outpost Zimonja which is...
  11. T

    Solved Detonated Nordhagen Beach, Yet Building Cap Still Says I Cannot Build

    I love the hands-on aspect of city building, so after conquering Nordhagen Beach, I decided to self-destruct it and rebuild it. Even after deleting everything (plus using "Place Anywhere" to clear all the floating objects), any time I try to build the game says the cap is full and I CTD. Any...
  12. T

    Solved Can I Only Select Nearby Settlements to Raid?

    Before I go about deciding which settlements I want for settlers and which for outposts (I'm doing a MM playthrough), I noticed that I could only launch raids from the Castle towards Nordhagen Beach. KG mentions that you can attack settlements that you have "discovered", but I'm wondering if...
  13. T

    Question Can You Send Supply Routes Between Outposts and Settlements?

    I’m doing a Minutemen playthrough, and wanted the lore to be that the Castle would be the first outpost. By now I have about 6 settlements; is it possible to send a supply route from an outpost to a settlement? When attempting to do so I got no prompt, or is the material shared regardless...
  14. T

    Solved CTD when Approaching Finch Farms

    Currently playing with all SS mods installed, and a Conquerors settlement built (complex) on Finch Farm. Whenever I try to approach the settlement from any direction, the second it loads in, my game CTDs. This occurs from any direction I approach from. The minute I disable SS the game works...
  15. N

    Question How do I connect settlements with Conqueror ?

    Hello, I understand the basic Idea behind of Conqueror that I can organize a team of minimum 5 and attack or liberate other settlements, but how do I connect the settlements supply line if I was to kill all settlements myself or complete their mission ?
  16. ciberzombie

    Solved Automatrons robots as setlers ? details please

    i few days ago got in automatron and kind of want to make some of mine settlements into "dead steel towns" , kind of Greygarden likes. What types of robots(configurations) do work/is assignable to sim settlements/industrial revolution plots, as one of my "droids" do seam to get auto assigned to...
  17. Z

    Question Vault 81 objects spawning - SIM settlements responsible?

    Hi! Recently got an issue that I believe is related to SIM settlements. Everything proceeded as normal in vault 81's questline, until a truck loader suddenly spawned out of nowhere after I finished the storytime miniquest (the one in the classroom), alongside some large pillars near the exit...
  18. A

    Question Preston Turns Hostile When Start Liberator Assault

    Using the (outdated) Minutemen Faction Pack. They are correctly marked as Liberators (Civilians in Settlement are being subdued while the faction guarding the Settlement is hostile). Once the battle is engaged, Preston (who is my companion) immediately turns hostile on me. After completing the...
  19. Grim Experiments

    Solved Industrial Plot benefits in other settlements. (Question)

    Hi guys, I recall KG talking about applying IR plot bonuses to all settlements at some point. Was this achieved? If I advance to Tool and Die, I don't need to rebuild in new settlement? Thanks in advance!
  20. E

    Question Possible Bug Report and Help Request

    Hello! I'm using Sim Settlements Three-In-One pack with the Year One addon. As soon as I assigned a leader (in this case, Preston Garvey) to the Ten Pines Bluff settlement and have it start building the city blueprint, I get CTD's every time I go to Ten Pines Bluff. If I set and wait for the...