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city manager

  1. J

    CTD when approaching or entering settlements using city manager

    Morning all. I am having a crash to desktop issue with Sim Settlements 2. I installed the mod a week or so ago and have played about 10 hours since installing without any issues. Now suddenly I am having CTDs when I approach or enter settlements in which I have used the city manager. The most...
  2. RogueKnight24

    Solved SS AIO 4.2.9a City Plan menu not working

    Hello everyone. I recently got back into FO4 because of all the new updates, and after a couple tries managed to get a stable-ish modlist in MO2 and save. With a little patience for the scripts to kick in, I've had no real issues with SS. However, I really wanted to try out a couple of City...
  3. M

    Suggestion A standalone part of ROTCW

    Is it possible to make a standalone mod to reset your settlement back to vanilla like the Rotcw City manager does when it prepares to set up a city+ possibly add a wipe settlement for city planer or SS menu to clean it and start fresh.
  4. M

    Question ROTCW City leader

    (Sorry it this is a dupe) I'm on Xbox and would like to know how high to set my settlement size to see progress for setting codsworth as the city manager of sanctuary. On one of your mod issue videos you said not to exceed 100%+ for Xbox users and I'm at about 58. All i see are half built...
  5. Red Fang

    Question Sim Settlement Foundation Question

    Hi there, So basically I just returned playing FO4 and spent hours editing sanctuary hills and a couple of settlements. I grew tired of manually managing my mod so I went to nexus and found this mod and its great. My question is, is there a way/option in sim settlements where I place a new...
  6. Opi Vali

    Suggestion A HUD just for builders

    I know someone made a suggestion in relation to this topic somewhere. I don’t remember where, but it was a good idea. I would like to see one that does something similar to the vanilla HUD while in the building workshop. It wold be specific for Sim Settlement, Industrial Revolution, Rise of the...
  7. AndyJP

    Fixed City Manager Holotape doesn't detect pip-boy when played in pip-boy

    When I play the holotape in my pip-boy, I get the start up screen and then I select OK for it to go to the next screen. It then tells me that it isn't detecting a pip-boy and won't let me go any further. I don't have any pip-boy modifications installed, and MO2 doesn't mention any script...
  8. pipelinetobaja

    Where’s the City Planners desk!

    I see no “Find the Planners Desk” feature in my Pipboy list. There may or may not be one there, I don’t know. If there is not one there I’d love to see it added because there is nothing more irritating to me than to turn my city over to someone and not be able to donate stuff to the Settlement...
  9. A

    Update plots and city

    Hello everyone, I have some questions and I would like to help me with them and as the title indicates is about the updates: 1) What is it that influences or I need so that a commercial, industrial plot, etc. can be updated? 2) And to update the city, what do I need? I have donated scrap metal...
  10. jsalemi

    Can settlers be forced to build a logistics station first?

    I think this might work, but want to be sure -- can you force settlers to build a logistics station as their first industry by removing all the other industrial plots from the build plans, and then restore the other plots after the logistics station is built?
  11. Sen Dog

    Crash on City Upgrade: Starlight Drive-In

    When attempting to upgrade From L0 to L1 in Starlight Drive-In, after approximately 30 seconds, the game outright crashes without warning. This is the first settlement I have attempted to upgrade and so cannot be say with certainty it is not my System or Mods but I am very certain it is...
  12. thefirebirdman

    Main Menu option for Tear It Down

    After first assigning a new leader to a city at the Planner’s desk, if you say no when prompted to tear it down there is no way to re-initiate that dialog without taking the city back from the assigned leader and re-assigning it. Would be great if when a player says no, the option to tear it...
  13. Redspaz

    Crafting stations

    Curious about if the crafting stations deleted during the teardown process are in the default build plans, also I am curious about if Salvage beacons are integrated as well :)