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  1. Foxel

    Far Harbor Expansion (Add-On)

  2. Sirlach

    Sim Settlements 2 AddOn Pack - Apocalyptic Additions by SirLach - Prelaunch Preview!

    Hi Everyone. I have successfully migrated my SS1 plots into SS2 thanks to @pra migration script magic! I am still building the Nexus page but I wanted to give my hardcore supporters access so you can download an A VIP preview PC version Add-on is now live on Nexus - Grab yourself a copy now...
  3. RayBo

    Announcement Rip and Tear

    For all you liberators out there. Or just us "other guys." Pra to the rescue: My kind of Rage! Hell, I want the perk magazine for the "artwork" alone!
  4. Sirlach

    Ultimate Defenses is Live!

    Grab it here -> Thanks to all the people who contributed ideas and been generally awesome. I have 25 more plots written down from the suggestions posts so stay tuned for more updates in the near future!
  5. Rojobow

    Fusion Core Mechanics Guild(FCMG)

    CONQUEROR ADD ON FACTION :Fusion Core Mechanics Guild(FCMG) possible names? Uranium BioMech Engineers Commonwealth Scrap Co. C.I.T. Engineer's Core Kinggath just had a play through video where he made an excellent suggestion that there be a mod where in order to Fast Travel you must pay a % of...
  6. Sirlach

    Version 2 of Intimate Spaces is available.

    Huge List of Changes. 1. Cleaned the mod using FO4Edit. :) SirLach.
  7. Sirlach


    Hi Everyone. You can get Intimate Spaces Here -> BethNet PC -> BethNet XBox -> I love to hear feedback and suggestions on my plots so...
  8. total1biscuit

    looking for animation makers for school addon plots

    i am going to be working on a full fledged addon pack for sim settlements adding schools and kids. i asked around about 2-3 years ago and found out by kingath that some of the animations for kids are missing for what im trying to do. i have not looked into this yet till i find a animation maker...
  9. RayBo

    The "Bashful Bath" Plot

    The "Bashful Bath" Plot. Is now... More Roman? :mosking I had to wait for an opportunity to get a screen-shot. When the bath wasn't being swarmed with overheated Settlers. :friends It is summer and getting kind of hot. Still, Mama Murphy seems to be procrastinating in hemming/sewing up some...
  10. R

    Wiki Add-Ons - Updates

    Greetings everyone, I will be your Wiki AddOns Updater for the foreseeable future. Effectively every weekday, I check up on the Nexus for the latest updated files for our AddOn packs and any updates gets taken into account. Information that is posted on the Nexus about the various plots is...
  11. FryoKnight

    Can you make Quest Requirements for certain plots?

    So, I am planning on making a Add-on that will be adding alot more resources into Sim Settlements, but I was wondering something. Is it possible to lock certain Buildings away until certain quests (from the main game, added in later, or even from other mods) are completed? The main reason I ask...
  12. Dragun9500

    Merging Addon Packs

    Hey guys, I have been trying to merge most of the community created add on packs and the Industrial Revolution into one mega ESP. I am aware that merging mods by different authors isn't recommended, but I also do not want to clog up my load order with 12 EPSs for one mod. I use MO2, Merge...
  13. Blocky

    Thanks for Sim Settlements, made a compatible mod

    This is the coolest mod for Fallout 4 I've seen. After watching a few Let's Plays on Youtube of people using Sim Settlements, I tried it and it was awesome-sauce. The games default settlers sounded like they needed an upgrade, now that there was lot more concentration of gameplay around them. I...
  14. ruinedworld

    Change Log

    Version 1.0.0 - Initial Upload - Added one new scrapper's forge (four random building configurations) - Added six raised bed garden plots. Version 1.1.0 - Raised the dirt levels in all garden plots and added clutter arrangements. - Added new building materials models for raised beds and...
  15. ruinedworld

    Ruined Homes and Gardens

    Welcome to the ruined homes and gardens Sim settlements add-on pack! This will be an evolving archive of my current and future Sim Settlements additions and will be constantly changing as I create new content for Sim settlements and Fallout 4. Sim Settlements Core HOMES (1) Scav Shak...
  16. Tinuvia

    Welcome to Wasteland Venturers Venue!

    Welcome! Here is the home of Wasteland Venturers AddOn Pack. We'll be providing the Commonwealth with homes, shops, farms and what not for the industrious scrap collecting Wastelanders who venture on rebuilding the barren world, improvisation style. Also, don't forget the demon rum. Download...