Turret Stacks/Towers as a Martial Plot?

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Sirlach, May 20, 2019.

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    I am weighing up whether to provide Turret Towers/Stacks/Stands in Ultimate Defense as 1x1 or even 2x2 martial plots.

    I Think that it would work in terms of immersion as I could imagine that if you had 6 turrets in a stack there would be someone assigned to make sure they were all working and it would provide an intimidating presence to any potential attackers which is reflected in the defense rating of the plot in game.

    I love to build different turret towers in game and have heaps of ideas.

    What I wanted to ask you all is would you use them as a Martial Plot? Would you prefer them to come populated with turrets or choose your own?

    My thinking is that each Level would unlock more positions to put more turrets on and then feature lights etc.

    Thoughts / Comments / Analysis greatly appreciated!
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    is there a way to tie the turret type to certain perks that the user has unlocked? for example, out of the box you can create level 1 turrets, and later on, i think with the science perk, you can unlock laser turrets and missile turrets. if i had unlocked the perks to create those turrets, could that be used by the plot type to upgrade the turrets on the plot to something like missile turrets, or would the plot create them anyway, as it upgraded?
    just a question, as i honestly have no clue if that's possible.
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    Great ideas! A bit of both would be really cool. I tend to prefer them to be populated with turrets since I do have OP ones in my build menu, so I tend to just leave it to what I get. I use the ones in build menu.

    Skins based options could be cool but I don't know if we can have there be a default or if it would be unpredictable which one you'll get when building a plot or when it's chosen to be built in a City Plan/Conqueror Prebuild. It might be unpredictable, which I'm fine with personally since I can easily change it on the ASAM sensor if I wanted the other option specifically but IDK how others would feel. For me it's not a big deal to change it since even if it's been upgraded, changing plot skin does not reset it to Level 0.

    I often had put 4 or 5 or so turrets on my martial plots, though I also increased their stats. Level 3 are MkVII and have around 400hp(it's leveled but only gains like 5hp a level with the min level giving it about 400, damage output doesn't go up AFAIK). They are a little bit "spongy" but I think it works since it's easy to hit stationary target with missile launcher/Fatman/grenades.

    Possible but definitely requires scripting. I think could be done through the AV options on spawned items or by spawning an Activator with its own script that first checks if player has X/Y/Z perks + Ranks spawns a specified turret based on that criteria. It can be done but cannot be done simply, likely it would be pretty hard and take trial & error/experimentation.
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    Look at Ruined's handmade turrets! That would be cool for a level 1 plot 1x1 ... sandbags, stand with one turret on it... level 2 like the snipers nest with the handmade, more sandbags, roof on it with another? etc..

    I know this complicates things... but if you want to do all this variation, could you use Industrial Revolution to make this like an path selectable upgrade? Use the upgrade paths as a template .... player could upgrade the choice of which turrets?

    Interior plot - accessible from the ends only - something that could be a storeroom - shelving both sides, ammo storage, etc... food stuffs, kind of like food storage / warehousing - food bonus... ammo storage - defense...

    A map of the commonwealth with a silt bean coffee maker for the general's to stand around and jackpot...


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