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martial plot

  1. Sen Dog

    [Possible Bug] Martial Plot has no Floor.

    As you can see in the screenshots I've attached, my Martial Plots (no foundation) have no floors on them. I remember in SS1 you could snap non-foundation plots to the same spot as any existing floor in the game, but this does seem to be the case with SS2, not only can I not Snap the plot to a...
  2. Sol Fennell

    Question Disable martial plot flags.

    Is there any way to disable the flags on martial plots because they all look a bit weird fluttering in different directions.
  3. Sirlach


    Preview of upcoming new UD plot bought to you by the Commonwealth Medieval Recreation Society!
  4. Sirlach

    Turret Stacks/Towers as a Martial Plot?

    I am weighing up whether to provide Turret Towers/Stacks/Stands in Ultimate Defense as 1x1 or even 2x2 martial plots. I Think that it would work in terms of immersion as I could imagine that if you had 6 turrets in a stack there would be someone assigned to make sure they were all working and...
  5. Snow Fangs

    Martial Plots Stuck on Level 2

    Greetings all, This is my first post on the forum. I'm not much of a forum-goer, but lately I've had some problems that Google and previous threads simply don't answer. Atleast not that I find. Anyways, my problem is that Martial Plots at Nordhagen Beach are not passing level 2. Trust me, I...
  6. Tinuvia

    Update FREE1.2 - Always Free is now also on Xbox - moves Death Tower to martial plot

    Update FREE1.2 is now available on: Nexus This update moves the Death Tower from Industrial to Martial 2x2 plot. The tower now has collision, and the dogs should stay off the named Brahmin as well. Let us know if you find any issues. If you have built the Death Tower on an...