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  1. Henrique Alves

    Question Advice about mutliple add ons

    Hi everyone ! : D So as the title says , i already got the 3-1 dowloanded trough Nexus , but since i signed in on this page , i found so many mods you guys made as add - ons that i might download 10-15 :p Wanted to know if there is a way to make a pack (all in one ) of the mods i would want...
  2. Sirlach

    Intimate Spaces Version 3!

    Thanks to @pra who found a bug which I squashed and released 2 new plots as requested by @Irealys! Up on Nexus now. Coming to Bethnet as soon as I upload.
  3. Sirlach

    WIP - Intimate Spaces Lives!!!!

  4. Sirlach


    Preview of upcoming new UD plot bought to you by the Commonwealth Medieval Recreation Society!
  5. Sirlach

    New Navmesh Method Mini Tutorial

    Hi All, I have created a mini guide on how to do the new Navmesh Method when designing plots. Kinggath has reviewed it and given his OK. SirLach.
  6. Sirlach

    Turret Stacks/Towers as a Martial Plot?

    I am weighing up whether to provide Turret Towers/Stacks/Stands in Ultimate Defense as 1x1 or even 2x2 martial plots. I Think that it would work in terms of immersion as I could imagine that if you had 6 turrets in a stack there would be someone assigned to make sure they were all working and...
  7. Sirlach

    SirLach's Ultimate Defences - Military Themed Plots. BethNet PC -> BethNet XBox -> Have you found yourself in a never ending cycle of violence and conflict? Or maybe you are having a...
  8. Sirlach

    SirLach's Intimate Spaces - Small Interior Residential Plots. BethNet PC -> BethNet XBox -> A collection of 15 small Interior Residential Plots. All using Vanilla FO4 assets only...
  9. Sirlach

    Showcase Intimate Defense Preview.....

    Just thought I would post some teaser's from the upcoming Martial Add-on. These will be Work in Progress Shots and may not be the final product....... A gatehouse plot and 2 corner plots.
  10. Sirlach

    Suggestion What should I name my upcoming Martial Add-on Pack?

    I'm trying to decide on what to call my Martial Add-on pack so I am throwing it out there. See the poll above.
  11. Sirlach

    Suggestion Suggestions for New Martial Plot Add-on pack.

    Hi Everyone, I am deep into development of a new add-on pack which will be a collection of Martial Add-ons. I am looking for suggestions and must have's from the community so please feel free to post suggestions and ideas for Martial Plots that you feel are missing. SirLach.
  12. RayBo

    Garden Plot, or Pool of Hedonism?

    The Travelers were hot and dirty "yes they were"....when they arrived at the Magnificent Spectacle Island. The Junk Town Garden pool looked refreshing so they all jumped in! I am really starting to enjoy all the sim-settlement travelers coming to my settlements and getting new clothes...
  13. RayBo

    New add-on "VaultLand"

    Sim Settlements Add-on pack – VaultLand, just dropped on the Nexus by: Rodericksblade