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Old Post Sim like Game Mechanic - Waste.


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I've had a few people ask for toilets and bathrooms in plots and that got me thinking about City Simulations and game mechanics.

Having a little experience with modding and CK now and seeing how the plumbing works i think it would be possible to have a waste mechanic in the game for those of us who like to keep it clean Boston! :)

The following is just a brain dump of ideas.

At the top level we have 2 objects - Dry waste and Wet Waste
Dry Waste can be found in grabage bins etc around the commonwealth and ould be produced by commercial\residential and or industrial plots.
Wet Waste can be found in toilets etc and is produced by residential, commecial and industrial. Need to make toilets containers. :}
There could be a third waste which is radioactive.
The presence of waste in a settlement could cause a happiness decrease. removing the waste by hand or having it processed or recycled would return happiness.
There could be an NPC (Garbage Protectron) that goes around your settlement removing or collecting waste.
There could be a Industrial/Commercial Plot (Recycling Center / Sewer Works) that processes waste and has recyclabe material or fertiliser as a by product. As the plots level up the amount and type of waste they produce could be upgraded and the quality of the by products could improve.
There could be a few interesting quests. :)
The waste system could make heavy usage of water and electricity resources which would need you to upgrade your settlements.
Would have to be an optional system because not everyone wants to add garabge collector to thier roles in FO4.

Waste and Electricty useage could also be tied into a meta Utility System. You could have a score for electricity usueage and and a score for the level of waste in a settlement and an overal utilities score.

A reskinned version of the electicity system for plumbing would be awesome but probably too hard to implement.