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NDCowdy, Fortifying Zimonja, January 2020


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A fortified wasteland outpost. Level 1 and up has beds and work for 10 (with room for 10 further sleeping bags to be placed on top bunks). Intended to be a Conqueror outpost with appropriate plots, sufficient water for 20, but not self sufficient on food.
Add-ons used: Y1, Wasteland Ventures 2, Sim Scrappers & IDEK's Logistics.01 Fort Zimonja Front gate.jpg
Fully surrounded by walls with navigable battlements and strong points. The mast has an observation post accessible via ladders and wind turbines to provide power for the fort. An artillery station in the courtyard is provided for enhanced fire support (from the Y1 pack).
02 Control Room.jpg
The control room at the top of the main building offers great views over the Fort. Space has been left for a War Planner's desk opposite the City Planner's Desk.
03 Bunks.jpg Living accommodations are snug with bunks rooms dotted around the middle two floors. Upper bunks are available for additional personnel over the 10 required to operate the fort. Simply put sleeping bags on them to bring them into use.
04 Kitchen.jpg The compact kitchen is equipped with cooking and chemistry facilities.
05 Mess.jpg
The Mess area contains various places to eat and drink. Pub and Food Kitchen (from Sim Scrappers) and a Mess Hall (Wasteland Ventures 2).
06 Medical.jpg The Medical level has a Field Hospital and Crematorium (from Wasteland Ventures 2)
07 Water & Storage.jpg Much of the ground level is devoted to storage, including the purifying and storage of water. A Logistics Station is included in this section (from IDEK's Logistics)
08 Chapel & Gym.jpg The Mess level also deals with our people's spiritual and physical development. (The Pumping Iron training plot being from Wasteland Ventures 2). The chapel has some spots left free to add items from your own choice of religion.
09 Armoury.jpg The armoury section of the ground floor includes facilities to work on your own weapons and armour (power armour facilities can be found in a garage outside). It also has Armoury and Battlefield Scavenger plots (from Wasteland Ventures 2).
10 Aerial.jpg
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In current playthru, killed the base game raiders (would’ve selected pre-conquerored but didn’t know how impacted said raiders). Anyhow, walked up. Took mag. And then, selected workshop. Damn, damn, damn. Now, it’s an outpost or settlement. Fudge, fudge, fudge.

I hate building there because the cliff. Your plan and walls especially are a vast improvement. Look forward to it