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city plan

  1. Sirlach

    Season 3 - June 2021 - Go Big and Go Home!

    Announcement: Mod News Video. - Its buried in KG's 20 minute Patch Notes VIdeo this month! For June we have a premium selection of large sprawling estates for you to build on! Sanctuary Hills Nuka-World Red Rocket (Nuka World DLC) Longfellow's Cabin (Far Harbor DLC) Requirements: A...
  2. R

    Powering Interior Plots.

    I`m running a city plan in sanctuary and noticed that in one of original sanctuary houses none of the residential plots that are in their have power. How do i power these plots? I saw on a previous thread that you could use a radial power conduit but that doesn't seem to work (cant connect wire)...
  3. R

    SS2 City Plans.

    I've started a new survival playthrought with SS2, I really like the idea of slowly building up the settlements automatically with city plans. Roughly how long does a city plan take to finish? I'm using the RotC add on for SS2. Was also wandering If there was any way I could view exactly what...
  4. W

    Mod stopped working after time, city plans not working.

    so yea im playing with just the sim 2 mod and the required mods, and the rise of the comonwealth sim 2 city plan mod. i have one save that ive been playing on a lot and one i just made to test if sim 2 was working. on my playing save the mod just straight up doesnt work anymore and on the test...
  5. Sirlach

    Season 3 - May 2021 - GET SWAMPY!

    Announcement: Mod News Video. May will be the month to get down and dirty with Yagisan's theme of swampy settlements! Murkwater construction site Echo Lake Lumber Requirements: A City Planners Desk and a Beacon in the Settlement. Adherence to the build limit (The City Planner mod...
  6. N

    City Plan, missing resources, SS2

    Hey guys I'm trying to do city plans from the start but I can't do it in SS2. I keep getting the pop up "missing resources". I thought that I needed to complete the related quest first. But that bugged out so I had to skip it in the console command. I have the sensors, I have donated resources...
  7. Sirlach

    Tips for a successful City Plan Contest entry!

    Hi Everyone, Some of you have asked for pointers on how to make your entries better and more likely to win! After the initial March 2021 judging round, the CP Contest Management Team thought we would collect the judges' feedback and provide some tips on how to maximise your chances of winning...
  8. C

    How to power an additional plot in a settlement running a city plan?

    If I add an additional plot to a settlement running a city plan, how do I best power it? Simply running a wire from an adjacent, powered City Plan plot doesn't seem to work. The status doesn't change to powered. The "invisible power grid" from the city plan is not out of power, it just won't...
  9. Sirlach

    Season 3 March 2021 Voting Video is up on YouTube.

  10. N

    City Plans not working

    I know I've seen this posted before, but I cannot figure out why the city plans won't work, it begins the cinematic aerial view, but immeadietly stops because the scrap everything function, scraps the city manager table. Load order attached
  11. Sirlach

    Final Stretch - March 2021 City Plan comp closing soon!

    Hi All, Just a reminder that this months City Plan Competition closes at 9pm on Sunday 28th American Eastern Time! If you haven't already make sure your plan is posted and looking its best for the judging! Best of Luck, SirLach.
  12. Sirlach

    And we are off! - Season 3 March 2021 Competition is now LIVE!

    As Kinggath has announced in his latest Mod News Video the Season 3 of the City Plan competition is now LIVE! Also announced here on Nexus! Settlements for this month are Croup Manor National Park Visitors Centre (FH) Red Rocket Truck Stop Theme: Yagi's theme this month is building with...
  13. afz

    I'm a terrible person (City Plans with forbidden mods)

    Hi y'all. So, first time layout creator here. I read all about the known issues, and I know there are certain mods I shouldn't use, like scrap mods and build area extension mods... And yet, I went and used them. I know, it's horrible, and I won't blame you if you can't help me, but will...
  14. Sirlach

    City Plan Contest Season 3 - Coming SOON!

    Calling ALL Settlement Builders! Kinggath has just published the rules and guidelines for the new season of the City Plan Contest! We have put a lot of thought into the planning to ensure a bigger and better competition this year and we are really looking forward to seeing the amazing community...
  15. Blackbelt

    [SS2] Vault 88 City Plan

    Original Vault 88 city plan. When at level 3 plots and city the vault can house over 20 people. It is meant to be connected to a caravan network with sufficient food.
  16. Dman883

    SS 2 stopped working/can't assign

    Using SS2 with FO4VR. Used the instructions to get it working someone posted. Has been working fine for several days. Manually built several residential and industrial sites in Sanctuary using ASAMs. Used the city planner's desk to start building up Ten Pines and Starlight drive in. No problems...
  17. bindermichi

    Problems with settlement City Plan scraping and re-building

    Rebuilding a city plan shows some more or less annoying bugs with "leftovers" find the following scenarios Starting a City Plan after manually putting down some plots Scraping Settlement to rebuild at any time Both will create leftovers during the "reset" phase. In most cases just remaining...
  18. Pdrew619

    Vault 88 basic city plan not working

    Hi all, I've just finished the Vault-Tec workshop DLC and decided to use a city plan for Vault 88 but it seemingly hasn't built anything, it just resets the settlement and that's it. Also, everytime I try to build anything there it crashes my game. I'm on Xbox One by the way. Is there anything...
  19. L

    Possible fatal bug when selecting city plans before assigning leader?

    So, this is not a quest bug, but at the quest where we had to choose a leader, I chose Taffington Boathouse, then I selected a city plan, the cinematic camera showed me that it's scrapping everything, but it didn't build anything, because it then tells me that the leader needs to be assigned to...
  20. Codaine420

    Starlight drive-in blueprint I think is kinda good