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city plan

  1. S

    City Plans Not Working

    Hello all, I have a slight problem when trying to build up Sanctuary. I've completed the Taking Independence quest to have Preston available as a companion, and I set him as the Mayor in Sanctuary. I then try to use the City Plans, which I'm supposed to have many installed, as I have both Rise...
  2. T

    Sunshine Tidings - Busiest Town in the Commonwealth

    Hi guys, Here's my city plan for Sunshine Tidings Coop, it's a very busy town with a high population. The town depends on commercial income and has very little industrial production. This is the first time I've uploaded a file to Nexus, let me know what you think...
  3. Frogzilla

    [SOLVED] Cities not building

    I'm up to where Jake talks about his daughter, and now have Stodge, Old Paul, and Herbert. I picked Sunshine Tidings Co-op. It gives you to option to tear it down, says yes, then the overhead look and music, it deleted a few things, then NOTHING. Not a single thing is built. I am able to...
  4. MakeURage

    City Planner's Desk not working

    Since I don't want to micromanage my settlements, I've just been assigning a city plan to them whenever I claim a new one, unless I have a specific idea for it. Unfortunately, all of my city planner desks have stopped working. They either won't spawn all of the extra pieces, such as the...
  5. ElanaLoaded

    UNDRCVRGmrLdy SS2 City Plans – starting SS2 playthru, excited I am

    UNDRCVRGmrLdy's City Plan series has several flavors: Simply Settled, Outposts, MODestly Settled, and Midnight Refuge. I like them all, interesting variety, clever, refreshing with a unique vibe, and enough specialization to (hopefully) support the new HQ - especially the four settlements near...
  6. H

    Bunker Door Missing textures

    I use the SIm settlements 2 mega pack, there is a consistent problem I'm running into is the bunker door item is missing is textures, and that goes for any plan that uses it. Is there any way to fix this?
  7. C

    Missing City Plans

    I have been searching the forums for the past 3 hours to no luck. I have downloaded the city contest mega pack and a city plan for the castle, but none of the new city plans are showing up in the planner desk. I have multi-level plans turned on in settings and have reinstalled and reloaded the...
  8. B

    ROTC Vault 88

    I am playing sim settlements 2 without ROTC this time cuz I don't want to take up too much space, if I install ROTC and build a leveled city plan for vault 88 can I then uninstall ROTC and have the leveled plan still work for the vault? I would personally like a standalone leveled city plan...
  9. B

    Ss2 base mod vault 88 city plan

    ok so I did do ROTC city plan for vault 88 before but I was wondering if the single level city plan is an actual vault plan? Cuz I mainly only use ROTC cuz I wanna nice vault, my game just corrupted so I'm starting over lol just wanted to know what that city plan was like and if it's an actual...
  10. J

    Crashing to Desktop After Entering Vault 88

    After three days of playtime on a save, I had been using Vault 88 as my main settlement since about 6 hours in. I used a city plan, and everything was fine until just tonight where now, every single time I try to enter the vault, it loads for a few seconds and then I crash to desktop. I have...
  11. J

    City Plan Upgrade Progress?

    I am currently using a few of Gavdaman's City Plans, and have been waiting for them to upgrade for quite a while now, enough time to get from level 20 to 30 so a couple weeks in-game. Is there somewhere I can see the requirements per-settlement/city plan for them to upgrade? Like is there a way...
  12. L

    Starlight Drive in RoTC upgrade possible?

    Hi. I was wondering whether Starlight RoTC city plan has an upgrade path? it just says level 0 and upgrade availble but when i hit it, i get this message. Also no "progress to upgrade" symbols on the meters HUD in workshop mode (lefthand panel). anyone have any ideas? cheers !
  13. V

    City Plans stopping halfway

    Every city plan I use will only build about halfway and then stop. Walls and floors are unbuilt, power connectors floating in mid air because the structures they're supposed to be on aren't present. For the starlight hive plan it only builds two of the circles but no stairs to get up to them...
  14. B

    Replacing City Plan

    Hi everybody, so far I had tons of fun with the mod and especially the HQ mechanics bit I have encountered I little problem. I am trying to replace a city plan at Red Rocket from single level stack plan to the multileveled. I am past the caravan establishing to HQ mission and the tutorial there...
  15. Sirlach

    Season 3 Playoffs - July 2022 - It's good to touch the green, green grass of home!

    Announcement Video: Welcome to the first of the Season 3 Playoffs: CIty Plan Competition! We thought this would be a fun way of allowing people to still get their city plan competition addiction groove on while we wait for Chapter 3 / Season 4. Your choice of settlements this month...
  16. Z

    Remote Leader & City Plan Recovery Questions

    Hello, so I had a real problem last weekend. I had some really bad problems with Hangmen's Alley city plan building and unsure exactly what the issue was. First, I assigned someone named Sanchez, which I think was from a leader pack mod. I then selected the WG Hangmen's Alley city plan. The...
  17. S

    Required quest for The Castle City Plan

    I have the RotC add-on for SS2, and when I try to start a city plan for The Castle, it tells me that there are quests required and that I should wait for the unlock. I have done the quest to unlock the armory, which quest is required to unlock the city plan? Not sure whether it's the vanilla or...
  18. N

    Rapid fire questions about ss2

    Hi guys cool mod keep it up I wanna know a few questions let me know if I am outta line Is there any add-on that makes some exclusives plots deliver items to the workshop? (like the vanilla junk plot) Is there a way to see the numbers of a city plan before a applying one? Seeing the number of...
  19. B

    Can not load city plan, HUD didn't work also.

    Hello guys, I didn't realize what cause those problem, just suddenly realize that. The city plan didn't load. It just wipe everything, flying around and build nothing. I have already test serval plans with different settlement location. Including those which did work before. HUD didn't work...
  20. ChuckDwhereareyou

    Not so Random plots, Blacklisted plans still build

    So I remember in SS1 when you turned Designer's Choice off for the RoTC city plans a random plot (from mod-added plot addon packs) of the same type would be built instead, yay good times! In SS2, I've started many new games in the past several weeks, waiting to use city plans till finishing...