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Primary Bug Report Laying Foundations - CTD while Jake is building tutorial Residential Plot

Game crashes in first mission while talking to stranger and in settlement after placing the 2x2 residential plot with SS 2 being the only mod downloaded with cheat terminal on Xbox one.


New Member
PC user here. I only have SS 2 with required mods installed. When building the first plot after meeting the stranger, FO4 crashes to desktop. Clean install of Steam and FO4.
I think the issue is having the stranger not be a settler in the settlement then trying to use the plot as a npc that is not a settler making the game crash because it can't properly track the settler as a settler which is a huge part of the mod is tracking settlers owning plots and what not just a thought im a xbox user with no knowledge of technical doodads


Tried again with a limited load order:
1) Workshop Framework - Version 47

2) Sim Settlements 2 - Version 2

3) HUDFramework - Version 3

I forgot to add HUDFramework to my original list, It was on the end.

I'll try uninstalling/reinstalling Sim Settlements.
Anyone have any ideas about progressing the plot without this stage with the stranger?
Or at least getting some ASAM sensors?
I went up to the Satellite station at the top of the map.
It does seem to have a new asset in the Intel room (broken open crate with tech looking stuff) but no sensors.