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help needed

  1. S

    Main Quest switching settlements after triggered

    Hello, I built up sanctuary with the transfer settlements mod for a "refurbished" look that I really like and it took some doing to accomplish. The build included a recruitment beacon which triggered the SS2 main quest. Is there any way to restart the main quest at a different settlement? There...
  2. OptimusGnarkill

    Where There’s Smoke Quest Stuck

    Hey guys, having trouble finishing the Where There’s Smoke quest. I’m using the Wabbajack mod list Magnum Opus if that matters. When looking for the Gunners with Jake and finally getting to the cutscene where everyone’s guns are drawn, I get stuck aiming over the dude’s shoulder after Jake says...
  3. T

    Buildings not building

    So I recently got back into fallout 4 but with mods this time. I really enjoyed the settlement aspect so I got the sim settlements with a unlimited size mod so I can have unrestricted building. I have been trying to figure it out but it keeps saying that there isn’t space to build or upgrade a...
  4. W

    Stuck in the quest "Hub of the Problem"

    I'm in the Sub-Basment and I've given Jake the holotape, turned on the power, and all the other tasks. But after messing with the ASAM printer I got the task, "Search the Vault-Tec Regional HQ Sub-Basement for clues about ASAM technology". Before I did any of the tasks I unlocked a terminal with...
  5. H

    Castle upgraded from level 1 to 3 now buildings are stuck at level 2

    This is my first play through with rotc on Xbox, recently I noticed my castle settlement was level 3 when I had previously upgraded to level 2 from level one. (I have manual upgraded on) I have no saves prior to my last upgrade and am worried I will not be able to upgrade it to the third tier as...
  6. C

    Settlers just standing around 24/7

    Been playing through Sim Settlements 2 for the first time and mostly enjoying it. However i've noticed my settlers in ALL of my settlements just stand around 100% of the time. Even when I click on them and try to assign them it says "this settler has been assigned" but they never move. The Town...
  7. SonniKureamo

    Cannot assign settlers or move them, how to fix?

    as the title said, I don't have any incompatible mod installed, how to fix this?
  8. T

    Chapter 2

    I recently got fallout 4 on pc, i have played the sim settlements 2 and completed the first chapter. is chapter 2 out yet? or is it still being worked on? any help would be appreciated!
  9. N

    The walls for the houses in Sanctuary Hills have disappeared. I’ve progressed since I’ve discovered it. Is there anyway to restore them?

    Hi, I just joined these forums! I’ve heard about Sim Settlements 2 but I haven’t tried it out yet, but I’ve been having this problem for months and Reddit hasn’t quite helped so I thought I might have better luck here. I found out this happened about a few months ago. I wanted to keep playing...
  10. Nathanv92

    Not enough memory error?

    So I am trying to download sim settlements 2 and i have over 1.33 GB available. Why am I not able to download it? It keeps telling me I don't have enough memory. Do I need to have sim settlements 1 downloaded as well?
  11. D

    How to install sim settlements 2 from the game menu?

    So I saw Sim Settlements 2 can be installed on the mod menu of the game, but after the download is comelete it will tell me there are a few files that i need to install in order to play the mod... What are they?
  12. S

    Strange Jake Private Frequency Problem's

    I can't advance the story of SS2 due to a strange bug. Whenever I listen to Jake's private frequency on the pipboy radio it instead plays Archibald's radio frequency instead. This is even weirder because I can also tune in to Archibald's radio frequency and I will get his repeated message over...
  13. StellarGamer57

    (XB1) Game crashing in Settlements with SS2 Plots

    So I’ve been having an issue where on fast travel to or just walking into settlements with plots the game will be very laggy and crash within 30secs - 5min. Important note: I do note have UFO4P At first I thought it was just a problem with Sanctuary (Just below build limit, 15 Settlers, 3 dogs...
  14. A

    I'm not sure if my mod is bugged or if I'm just not doing things right. Could use some insight.

    G'day guys, I love this mod, first of all, and I'm really enjoying it, but I've come across a few issues that I can't seem to figure out, even after looking through the forums and via google. First of all, my settlements' happiness seems to randomly plummet. My Castle went from 70 down to 39...
  15. CrazyPolack

    Quest- Hub of the problem

    This quest has me going into a Vault Tech building and looking around for a replacement Comms thingy. I get there, and search the place several times, but I can't find anything that allows me to finish the quest. I didn't see anyone post about this on the forums so I GUESS nobody else has a...
  16. A

    Jake Not Showing Up

    I've tried 4-5 different save files old and new, and Jake never shows up. I do the recruitment beacon after i grab the magazine and ill wait literally 30 real life minutes and he never shows up, I've tried waiting and sleeping and he just doesn't seem to be coming. could I spawn him in and just...
  17. M

    Q's About Farms, Planner's Desk and Build Limit

    I have a few questions about certain aspects of the mod that I can't figure out or find in the forums right now that I am hoping can get answered. I am currently using v. 1.0.2. Firstly, I am having issues with some of the farms in my game. I built a silt bean farm in Sunshine Tidings a while...
  18. X

    HELP Fast CTD when hovering over plots in SS2 Build Menu

    This problem started after i started the quest to get martial commercial and recreational plots... I can't build at all and it's really frustrating my load order is fine and my mod is 100% updated to latest version and i even disabled all my add-on packs for SS2 i am on PC... The issue goes like...
  19. BranBran

    Constant crashing, need some help

    Hey all, I keep crashing, it was completely fine up to yesterday, over 24hours into this game. I really don't want to lose my progress, as such I have 4 logs which show constant script use of SS2. No idea why this is happening, is there a way to stop it? Any help is appreciated as I don't know...
  20. A

    Laser Love

    I've been trying to complete or get to the next part I'm unsure if there is another part, but for Laser Love when looking for the LPP Carbine, I find it but I'm unable to grab anything of the Vertibrid. It seems like I need to go onto the upper lever of the over head highway (or whatever its...