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And we are off! - Season 3 March 2021 Competition is now LIVE!

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As Kinggath has announced in his latest Mod News Video the Season 3 of the City Plan competition is now LIVE!

Also announced here on Nexus!

Settlements for this month are

Croup Manor

National Park Visitors Centre (FH)

Red Rocket Truck Stop


Yagi's theme this month is building with existing large structures.


  • A City Planners Desk and a Beacon in the Settlement.
  • Adherence to the build limit (The City Planner mod helps with this)
  • All city plans released for this round (March 2021) should contain all 4 levels.
  • All city plans released for future rounds (April 2021 and beyond) must contain all 4 levels.
  • To encourage MAXIMUM CREATIVITY we will not be imposing any other restrictions on entries.

Each month we will have a forum where you can lodge your competition entry - The forum for March 2021 can be found here.

Competition Entries Close on 11:59 PM CST on the 28th March, 2021!

We are very excited to see what you all will bring to the competition - grab your construction hats and start building!

Important Competition Links.
Quick Start Tutorial
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Detailed Guide to City Planning for Sim Settlements 2
City Plan Contest Assistant Mod: In-Depth
City Plan Contest Forum: Rules and Information

City Plan Contest Forum: Help and Advice
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