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  1. Sirlach

    Season 3 - July 2021 - Small and Rural!

    Kinggath's Announcement Video @Yagisan chose small rural settlements for July. Tenpines Bluff Coastal Cottage Outpost Zimonja Requirements: The settlement must have a City Planners Desk and a Beacon. All city plans must contain all 4 levels. To encourage MAXIMUM CREATIVITY we...
  2. Sirlach

    Season 3 - June 2021 - Go Big and Go Home!

    Announcement: Mod News Video. - Its buried in KG's 20 minute Patch Notes VIdeo this month! For June we have a premium selection of large sprawling estates for you to build on! Sanctuary Hills Nuka-World Red Rocket (Nuka World DLC) Longfellow's Cabin (Far Harbor DLC) Requirements: A...
  3. Sirlach

    Season 3 - May 2021 - GET SWAMPY!

    Announcement: Mod News Video. May will be the month to get down and dirty with Yagisan's theme of swampy settlements! Murkwater construction site Echo Lake Lumber Requirements: A City Planners Desk and a Beacon in the Settlement. Adherence to the build limit (The City Planner mod...
  4. Sirlach

    Final Stretch - March 2021 City Plan comp closing soon!

    Hi All, Just a reminder that this months City Plan Competition closes at 9pm on Sunday 28th American Eastern Time! If you haven't already make sure your plan is posted and looking its best for the judging! Best of Luck, SirLach.
  5. Sirlach

    And we are off! - Season 3 March 2021 Competition is now LIVE!

    As Kinggath has announced in his latest Mod News Video the Season 3 of the City Plan competition is now LIVE! Also announced here on Nexus! Settlements for this month are Croup Manor National Park Visitors Centre (FH) Red Rocket Truck Stop Theme: Yagi's theme this month is building with...
  6. Sirlach

    Broken Build Limits - Rule Change and Extension.

    @Tiamazzo @MadGax @aSemioticGhost @NDCowdy @xMORIDARx @Modhunter @harkness13 @kinggath @uituit Due to the issues everyone seems to be having and pending a technical investigation into the problems we are removing the build limit as a rule this month. So if the CP at L3 with a full population...