Suggestion A mod only the sim Settlemnt team could probably do.

Discussion in 'Sim Settlements Suggestions' started by Joebenz, Mar 14, 2019.

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    Jan 2, 2019
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    I had this idea about a mod that gives us players the ability to completely redo or partially redo navmeshes in settlements.
    In workshop mode, there would be this menu or special option that will highlight all of the navmesh in the current settlement. That way we can see where there could be issues and fix it right away.
    Its such a shame when we do awesome settlements and then be completely non functional because settlers are standing still, walking into walls or not being able to find a way to simply go upstairs. It completely breaks immersion and is very frustrating.

    I am asking here cauz you guys have been doing amazing stuff lately and only you guys can probably do this :P
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    Nav-mesh is just a part of that equation. Maybe not the cure folks sometimes think it is.

    There are mods where the user can add in game nav-mesh that could maybe help if you have current issues.

    Hozsa is the author and one of the best out there.

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