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  1. Liam

    Question Sanctuary Navmesh seems broken

    Hi I'm using the default city plan for sanctuary provided with sim settlements 3-in-1 and my settlers seem to be congregating behind the main house or outside of the front gate. Regardless of how many times I reload the cell the settlers never seem to go to where they are assigned (Stores etc.)...
  2. Sirlach

    New Navmesh Method Mini Tutorial

    Hi All, I have created a mini guide on how to do the new Navmesh Method when designing plots. Kinggath has reviewed it and given his OK. SirLach.
  3. O

    Solved [SOLVED] spawning bug, need help

    This may or may not have to do with sim settlements conqueror, though it seems to have arrived concurrently. Im using a mod called npc spawner- dangerzone, and have been for a while. I use a handful of other mods to spawn npcs on the fly like dangerzone does, and lately they wont spawn or...
  4. J

    Old Post A mod only the sim Settlemnt team could probably do.

    I had this idea about a mod that gives us players the ability to completely redo or partially redo navmeshes in settlements. In workshop mode, there would be this menu or special option that will highlight all of the navmesh in the current settlement. That way we can see where there could be...