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  1. H

    What's the best guides/lists/modpacks out there that uses Sim Settlements?

    I havn't been playing F04 since before Far Harbor and I'm looking to get back into it. I always liked the building aspect of Fallout 4, but I have a shitty imagination and I'm also usually overwhelmed with the "you can do anything" aspect of it. I just completely stall :) So I'd like to use...
  2. Sirlach

    SirLach's Intimate Spaces - Small Interior Residential Plots. BethNet PC -> BethNet XBox -> A collection of 15 small Interior Residential Plots. All using Vanilla FO4 assets only...
  3. Sirlach

    Showcase Intimate Defense Preview.....

    Just thought I would post some teaser's from the upcoming Martial Add-on. These will be Work in Progress Shots and may not be the final product....... A gatehouse plot and 2 corner plots.
  4. Sirlach

    Version 2 of Intimate Spaces is available.

    Huge List of Changes. 1. Cleaned the mod using FO4Edit. :) SirLach.
  5. Sirlach

    Suggestion Suggestions for New Martial Plot Add-on pack.

    Hi Everyone, I am deep into development of a new add-on pack which will be a collection of Martial Add-ons. I am looking for suggestions and must have's from the community so please feel free to post suggestions and ideas for Martial Plots that you feel are missing. SirLach.
  6. Sirlach


    Hi Everyone. You can get Intimate Spaces Here -> BethNet PC -> BethNet XBox -> I love to hear feedback and suggestions on my plots so...
  7. A

    Old Post What to download

    Hello, im looking to dowload sim settlements on an xbox one, but, im haveing a hard time to figure out what packs i need, what is inside what and so on. So my questions are: -Theres those City plan packs( about 2 MB each) what do they do exaclty, and, do i need them if i wanna use the rise of...