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  1. J

    CTD when approaching or entering settlements using city manager

    Morning all. I am having a crash to desktop issue with Sim Settlements 2. I installed the mod a week or so ago and have played about 10 hours since installing without any issues. Now suddenly I am having CTDs when I approach or enter settlements in which I have used the city manager. The most...
  2. StellarGamer57

    (XB1) Game crashing in Settlements with SS2 Plots

    So I’ve been having an issue where on fast travel to or just walking into settlements with plots the game will be very laggy and crash within 30secs - 5min. Important note: I do note have UFO4P At first I thought it was just a problem with Sanctuary (Just below build limit, 15 Settlers, 3 dogs...
  3. M

    Charlestown-Cambridge Crash

    Hello, Whenever I try to enter charlestown or cambridge games crashes without any warnings. Because of this I can't go to Jake in amphitheater. (tried coc to teleport at theater/anywhere in the area, also used tmm1 to unlock all markers and every map marker I tried to fast travel resulted in a...
  4. M

    My game keeps crashing at taffington boat house!?

    I have a city plan the one the comes in the mod (simsettlements 2) and once the city plan reaches a certain point and when I walk into the house and a settler talks to me the game always crashes
  5. T

    Instant CTD When Nearing Sanctuary

    Instant CTD when I walk or fast travel into the sanctuary cell. I've tested every single mod I have installed and SS2 is definitely the issue. I've installed the XDI patch though it still crashes even when it's removed and it's the only listed incompatibility that I have installed afaik. I...
  6. N

    PC - C2D after viewing item Junk Sculpture - Bowling Trophy [Quest: Not All Artists Starve]

    Hi! I've already solved my issue, but want to help so I'll post the bug and player-side solution here. Edit: After continued play for a bit, a new follow-up quest Short version: Main issues Quest: [Not All Artists Starve] 1: After retrieving the desired item from quest giver, makes player...
  7. J

    CTD Approaching Sanctuary

    Apologies if there is information anywhere else, I searched high and low but could only find information regarding SS1, and none of the fixes/workarounds/commands for that work. Basically, my game has been stuck on plotting the future since launch, even through all of the betas, but the 1.0.1...
  8. BuffCan

    [FIXED] City planners desk crash to desktop

    Hey, I'm having a problem with the city planners desk. Everytime I assign a settler to the desk and I select the "yes, tear it all down" option, the animation starts and after one second my game crashes to desktop. I tried reinstalling the mod and fiddling around with my load order, nothing...
  9. W

    Non-SS Bug CTD on save load after 1.0.0c update

    I've been crashing to desktop. I have minimal mod list: Papyrus log attached. Is it a known bug or what? Also is there more logs somewhere?
  10. K

    Question Semi-random crashes

    Hey SS community, Need some advice. I'm trying to get sim settlements working with just the most basic load order to get the auto Rotc settlements going. Ive tried a few different saves now with different attempts to fix the crashing. It starts happening when i get sanctuary or any other...
  11. S

    Solved Game crashes when I approach a Conqueror pre-built settlement

    Hi all, This is my first post on this forum and I hope I'm doing it right, as I've long been a fan of Youtubers using Sim Settlements and only recently decided to try the mod out myself. I've started a heavily modded playthrough of Fallout 4 and am really enjoying it, having started a city plan...
  12. S

    Solved new vr problem

    i recently decided to give f4vr another try and previously sim settlements and lots of its addon packs have worked fine with vortex but this time it crashes immediatley if i install any addon packs. iv been testing them one at a time. i have horizon, sim settlements and the unofficial update...
  13. N

    Workshop Menu Crashes

    Hi there, I've found it difficult to find recent descriptions for possible causes of crashes when accessing certain Workshop Menus. I've read in the past that this can be caused by bad Form IDs or Models, but I don't know how to find the culprits. My game crashes, without fail, when I go past...
  14. S

    Question Conqueror Cutscene Crash

    I was playing Fallout 4 with conqueror and my gang had recently raided Red Rocket ( the one in front of the sanctuary, not Nuka World) I had wanted to let it be hands-off so I had assigned Cait as a Commander I picked tear it all down then the cutscene started from above. It was going well but...
  15. T

    Solved CTD when Approaching Finch Farms

    Currently playing with all SS mods installed, and a Conquerors settlement built (complex) on Finch Farm. Whenever I try to approach the settlement from any direction, the second it loads in, my game CTDs. This occurs from any direction I approach from. The minute I disable SS the game works...
  16. T

    Solved CTD Between National Guard Yard and Revere Array

    I have Sim Settlements x3 as mods, along with the complex designs. It seems that any time I travel between the National Guard Training Yard and Revere Satellite Array, my game CTDs. I tested without Sim Settlements and no crash happens. Is this a known bug or is something else happening behind...
  17. E

    Question FO4 VR crashing on load up.

    Hello, everyone, I wanted to restart FO4 VR because hanging out in a radioactive wasteland sounds better than going outside right now. I have played sim settlers a bit but never really got into it. I went off some youtube video and found here, so I went off of this post by Lystraeus...
  18. Stahlhelm_TV

    Question Constantly CTD's with my current Modlist including sim Settelments

    Update 1: Tried to clean the Load order and remove some Mods which where listed as incompatible. (Check Bottom of Post) Update 2: Added a few Recommended Mods and changed WOTC to esm in the header file which should solve problems(nexus mod comment) now Jammer doesn't Talk to me when i enter...
  19. S

    Solved Frequent crashes - Load order Help

    Been trying to get a raider themed conqueror play through going after not touching the game in years but I'm running into more CTDs than I've ever experienced before, I've been modding the game since day 1 and never had this much trouble before. I've trimmed a few mods from my load order down to...
  20. BG-100

    Question Upgraded to 4.2.1, now removing in Red Rocket = crash?

    Hey all, Loving SS. Got the All in One. Building Sanctuary and Red Rocket up. Upgraded to 4.2.1 and now any time I store, move or recycle a workshop object in Red Rocket I get a hard crash to desktop. Only happens in Red Rocket. Sanctuary is fine. Tried removing/ re-adding with Vortex, didn't...