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  1. S

    Industrial plots not working right?

    I have a strange situation with my industrial plots. When you hover over them with hover display enabled it says that the daily produced resources for that plot are double what they actually produce in the virtual workbench. For example, take a lvl 3 building materials plot and it produces 50...
  2. W

    Mod stopped working after time, city plans not working.

    so yea im playing with just the sim 2 mod and the required mods, and the rise of the comonwealth sim 2 city plan mod. i have one save that ive been playing on a lot and one i just made to test if sim 2 was working. on my playing save the mod just straight up doesnt work anymore and on the test...
  3. E

    CTD when sheathing with any melee weapon in third person mode

    The crash is replicable with any melee weapon in third person mode. For example, swing your fist and then perform a sheath by holding the R button. It will then crash. Buffout 4 is pointing to this mod for the crash, please refer to the pastebin below. The error...
  4. D

    SS2 deleting cell data

    SS2 deletes cell data from a variety of cells including concordespeakeasy, usafsatellite01, medtecresearch01, dmndsciencecentre01, institutetunnel01, institueoldrobotics01, dmndcitysurplus01new, goodneighbourthememoryden, wattz01, dmndpublick01, Instituteconcourse, goodneighbourhotelrexford...
  5. D

    IGNORE THIS - Possible bug: Missing TrapMonkeyTriggerScript.psc Script in SS2 mod install!

    So, don't know if this is a bug or not, but have noticed something weird in my papyrus logs. How important it is, or if it even has an effect on the mod I don't know! Anyways, I see this pop up numurous times in my logs: [01/05/2021 - 10:33:20PM] error: (0A01EA2D): model was not loaded when...
  6. Sen Dog

    [Possible Bug] Martial Plot has no Floor.

    As you can see in the screenshots I've attached, my Martial Plots (no foundation) have no floors on them. I remember in SS1 you could snap non-foundation plots to the same spot as any existing floor in the game, but this does seem to be the case with SS2, not only can I not Snap the plot to a...
  7. D

    Main quest help!

    I finished where there's smoke a few days ago and I can't start the next quest if there is one because this is my first play through with this mod. Please help. Edit: it has been over 2 weeks in game and nothing has happened
  8. TopHatFetus

    Crashing when entering diamond city, also crashes when near plots for too long (stometimes)

    Currently, I cannot enter diamond city due to it crashing every time I enter. Instant CTD. Secondly, another issue I seem to be having is sometimes while near plots in sanctuary my game will get really jittery and laggy than CTD. This stopped when all plots were removed but started again after...
  9. L

    CTD changing power pole 1.0.1

    The 3rd power pole (street lamp) in the menu causes a ctd for me. I'm on version 1.0.1 + extended at a new playthrough with this version thanks for the good work of this team
  10. C

    tutorials not loading

    the tutorial tabs in the holotape are not loading when I select them or do they just take a long time to load?
  11. D

    Primary Bug Report General - Settlement happiness will not go above 65% and plots will not upgrade

    So this is either a bug report or a request for advice, or maybe both? I was wondering why none of my settlements ever seemed to upgrade their plots and figured that it was probably due to all of them being between roughly 65%-45% happiness. I don't have any mods installed that should affect...
  12. A

    Primary Bug Report Hub of the Problem - Unable to advance quest, Button in basement doesn't do anything

    This quest needs a bit of polish. I had to come on here to work out that there were mats to a sub basement. Now I’m stuck. I’ve powered up the comm device. I’ve found the holo tape and I’ve pushed the button to make more ASAM thingies and now what? Map offers no clues Jake won’t talk to me and I...
  13. Atom3

    Primary Bug Report Mod Start - Stranger fails to show up after building, powering, and activating a Recruitment Beacon

    I downloaded the mod a couple of hours ago, but I have yet to begin anything. I don't know how to get the ASAM Sensors because they're not in the spot they were originally with the first Sim Settlements (Museum of Freedom). I found a magazine on the Sanctuary workshop, so I built a recruitment...
  14. E

    Primary Bug Report You’re Pretty Good… - Quest fails to start and player locked in fist fight mode

    I've had an NPC called "Sneake" appear in my Settlement. He challenged me to a fist fight, starting "You're pretty good..." quest, which does not engage afterwards. He just keeps standing there. When I engage him instead, it seems to throw him into permanent hostility state even after I beat...
  15. Opi Vali

    Primary Bug Report General - Cannot move already placed plots

    I’m on a Xbox One X and I can not pick up and move already placed plots. I had assumed it worked just like the plots in the original Sim Settlements.
  16. D

    Primary Bug Report General - City Planner Desks only display build requirements when they are not met

    If you don't meet the materiel requirements to build a desk, then the system shows the requirements. Otherwise, it only shows the waving Vault Boy icon.
  17. D

    Primary Bug Report Exploit - City plan ASAM requirements can be circumvented

    First time I set down a planner's desk and assigned Old Paul to it, in Red Rocket, the system told me that I did not have enough ASAM sensors (20) to build the city plan. After canceling the build and initiating it via the blueprint activator on the desk, no requirements were mentioned and the...
  18. Opi Vali

    Question Unable to send random settlers to settlement

    I’m not sure what is happening, but all the NPC’s in the wild have no settlements show up in the designation box for sending them to a settlement. The dialogue is there to do it, the box shows up, but there is nothing to highlight and confirm. You can only cancel. I have no idea where this has...
  19. Opi Vali

    Question Jammer in Conqueror Framework

    Hey boss, I’m not sure this was intended, but Jammer is standing around in Concord. You can’t interact with him. I’m on a Xbox One X.
  20. Opi Vali

    Question PA Service Center by Kinggath and Danielcherng

    Has anyone else been unable to interact with this plot like a actual vender? I can not seem too get the barter window to open at any of its levels.