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Vault 111 Quickstart - Male And Female

Game Saves Vault 111 Quickstart - Male And Female ExtremeNinja

A quick file just before getting on the elevator which will allow you to re-build your character quickly.

  1. Named save will prevent accidental deletion and makes your save list look cleaner.
  2. All items have been picked up including healing items/Trash. Cryolator has not been picked up
  3. Female And Male Versions with default starting names and looks.


Place the .FOS Save File inside your Fallout 4 Save Game Directory Found here *UserNameHere* Is your PC's Account Name. The Save file ingame should be at the bottom of your save list.

C:\Users\UserNameHere\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Saves

How To:

To create a custom named save all you need to do is type into the console this command.
(You need the Quote marks as they define the save title) Here are a few below as examples.

Savegame "Vault 111 Start"
Savegame "Sniper Build"
Savegame "Grognak The HeadSmasher"
Savegame "Stupid Character"

You can do this at any time you like to create a named save. Once you type the code it will save the game in the Character slot with the custom title.
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