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Sanctuary Pre-War and Post-War Build Set

Decorative Sanctuary Pre-War and Post-War Build Set ParcelStudioandGames


Rebuild - Modular Pre-War & Post War Sanctuary Build Set

Ever found it odd that Sanctuary has a unique building style, but yet, you can't build anything like it?
Wonder no more! Now you can build in the style of Sanctuary.

It adds two new categories under "Structures>Metal" - "Pre War Sanctuary" & "Post War Sanctuary", to your workshop. Allows you to build your own Sanctuary homes of varying heights.

Build set contains Floors, Walls, Railings, and Roofs in the Sanctuary style, in both Pre-War and Post-War fashion. Current build colors are Blue, Green, Yellow, and Red! All are Navmeshed!

Soon to come changes:
New Script based menu
ba2 Archives version (Loose version will stick around)
More Varied Pieces (closet half wall, windows for interior, columns, other suggestions)
Roof Overhaul (Seperate Roof, Ceiling, and Walls to create a more versatile system)
Sanctuary furniture (already add via other mods, but to make this a one stop shop, they'll be added)

Recommended Mods
Do It Yourshelf - Bookshelves in my mod have Snap-Points support for DIYs
Modular Kitchen

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Setup your ini as described HERE.
Use Nexus Mod Manager or Mod Organizer to install. For manual install copy files to your "Fallout 4/Data" folder.

There is a SKE version available. Otherwise, this mod modifies the default game menu.
The menu I edited isn't touched by many other mods, so it is unlikely there will be compatibility issues, but it's still possible for it to mess with other build mods. Mods that add menu items via a script should function normally. I'm still learning how to script the menu addition.

Creation Kit
FOMOD Creation Tool
Material Editor
3DS Max 2013
A fair number of textures are available from the base game, made by Bethesda
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