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Collection of Settlement Building and Decorating Mods

Decorative (Bundle Pack) Collection of Settlement Building and Decorating Mods damanding

The purpose of this guide is to help you find settlement building goodies you may not know already existed. This covers retextures, themes (like prewar, postwar and Institute building), structural elements, decorative elements (clutter!) and whatever else I think is important enough to add. This guide will not offer full compatibility information but I'll add tips when I know it. Mod authors, feel free to PM DAmanding to get your mods included but note that I'm not going to add everything, particularly if your mod adds very little or I think another mod does it better. If I added every single mod out there it would take too long, so I'm just going for the best. Also emphasizing less popular themes such as pre-war or Institute. Sorry, this guide is definitely going to be biased.

See the guide here.
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