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Vault 101

Settlements/Homes Vault 101 woodfuzzy

Vault 101 Settlement by Fuzzy

There is an Optional "No Mods Required" version.
Read the Requirements section to see what you'll be missing.


Vault Tech Workshop DLC
Without it you'll be missing the Vault 88 wall map and the Pip-Boy creates.
Sim Settlements
With out it, you'll be missing the 7 interior plots. 6 Agricultural 1 Martial

Settlement Features:

Vault 101 jump suits and Pip-Boy creates to outfit your settlers

101 Power & 101 Water.

Sim Settlement plots: 6 Agricultural Plots and 1 Martial plot

Radio Beacon.. just wire it up.

Settlement attacks and MM/Help quests have been disabled.

2 Beds: 1 in the Overseers and 1 under the stairs.

All clutter is lootable. Well.. most of it anyway.

Some interesting items not normally found...a few items will only show up after you reach xx level. ;)

A fun little Find the Keys challenge. (Hint: crank up that Pick Pocket perk!)

1 Brahmin and 2 pet Radstags.

Idle markers all over the place. But not a silly amount!
I tried to place them where they wont interfere with settlement stuff.

The booths have been fixed so the plates/clipboards are on TOP of the table instead of inside it. Each booth
only seats 2, this prevents settlers writing on their neighbors food.

The Overseers terminal has a bit of ramblings..

Known Issues:
The included Sim Settlement plots will not have power until you attach a wire to the Main Power Supply. (game issue)
The Fast Travel mat does not work in the vault. (working on that)
Some items cannot be scrapped normally. Mainly in the Overseers area.
I highly recommend using Place Everywhere

This is pretty rare.. but just in case...
If you load this mod then beat feet to check it out, it "may" have stuff missing, mainly in the Overseers room.
IF it does, just reload before discovering it, save, exit & load the save.

Any mod that edits the very top North West cell. Northern Springs is NOT a problem. ;)

Kinggath for the use of Sim Settlements
1000101 for his awesome settlement tutorial
KrazyHorse and WindyGusset for testing and bitching err I mean Feedback!

When you find a bug, and you will! Just let me know and I'll do my best to get it fixed. or make it worse... ;)

Thanks and I hope you enjoy the New Vault 101!

Change Log:
Version 1.21 Initial Release.
Version 1.22 Added expanded build area under the main vault, fixed a vanilla bad!
First release
Last update
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