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Vanilla Leaders

Leader Packs Vanilla Leaders SkuzzKitty

This mod is a WIP, meaning I'm going to keep adding leaders until i get bored and my brains explode.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Sim Settlements team, we can now add our very own leaders to Sim Settlements. Leaders provide their own mix of benefits and penalties to the settlements they command. I have started adding leader cards for some notable settlers, so you can expand the diversity of your settlements!

Currently installed!
Blake Abernathy - Exceptional farmer, not so great with defenses.
Sheffield - Not really an expert at anything, but he's happy to start a new life, and his enthusiasm can be contagious!
Wiseman - A skilled farmer, and he really makes you feel at home... still, most people aren't tolerant of ghouls enough to find out
Sturges - A true industrialist, he can guide a settlement's factories and workbenches to success. Strange, he doesn't seem to have any downsides...

Abraham Finch - He's good at getting things to grow, but getting a little impatient with raiders, maybe a little too hostile about it.
Jun Long - He's sad. Maybe he needs a puppy.
Marcy Long - By the gods, she's insufferable.
Vault Tec Rep - It's been a hard road, but he still knows a thing or two about getting things done!

Tina De Luca
Trader Rylee
Anne Hargraves
The Scribe
Ron Staples

Phyllis Daily - She doesn't work perfectly. First move her to Egret Marina, then you can assign her. Weird, right?
Miss Tenpines
Mrs. Nordhagen
Miss Oberland
Elder County
Mr. Somerville
Mr. Greentop

Roger Warwick
Cedric Hopton
Supervisor White

Doc Anderson
Smiling Larry

First release
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