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Ted's Leader Pack

Leader Packs Ted's Leader Pack Ted TG626 Thompson


Requires Version 3.1.2 or Greater of Sim Settlements

Users should know that you can have multiple leader mods installed at the same time, NO MERGING REQUIRED - even if they have the same NPCs in them, you simply get two entries (usually) with different traits!

Hancock might seem like a good fit for The Slog, but why oust Wiseman? Why loose that roguish ghoul as a companion? Now you don't have too!

This pack is intended as a starting point, providing you with optional leaders drawn from settlement's existing population from the vanilla game.

Included Leaders:

  • Connie Abernathy, Abernathy Farms - Makeshift Armorer, Shakedown, Depressed
  • Kessler, Bunker Hill - Experienced Mayor, Shakedown, Synth Sympathizer
  • Abigail Finch, Finch Farms (or Finch Junk Yard, take your pick) - Hunter, Animal Lover, Pacifist
  • Supervisor White, Graygarden - Robot Moral Officer, Futurist, Synth Sympathizer
  • Sturges, Sanctuary - Investigator, Handyman, Pacifist
  • Wiseman, The Slog- Lifebringer, Handyman, Ghoulish
  • Roger Warwick, Warwick Homestead - Institute Ally, Scavenger, Rebel
  • Vault-Tec Rep - Hunter, Scavenger, Ghoulish
  • Sheffield - Investigator, Party Animal, Pacifist
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