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Main Quests Done Only Saves

Game Saves Main Quests Done Only Saves miniDarkNOVA

I assume by now you have noticed there is no save file on Nexus that has done only Main Quest. They are either max level and done some/many different quests OR they some random "beauty" face presets.
Now if you are like me and mod your game a lot you want to start a new game but can not be bothered to do the main quest line all over again.

So I deleted all my mods and started the game from scratch and tried to do ONLY main quest line and avoid running into any other quests.
There are many mods/save that let you skip the intro, this is NOT one of them. This mod/save files contains 28 saves from 'Entrance of Concord' until you are forced to join a Faction to progress Main Quest ('The Molecular Level' Quest).
I have tried my best to save between quests, usually at the start or an end of quest or at specific/big locations.
I have named the saves so you can get a better idea of the location and quests that are related to.


  1. Latest Version of the game and ALL Official DLC are required (High texture DLC is NOT required).
  2. The character is Female, her name is Victoria and has default female look, and Codsworth CAN say your name if you don't change the name.
  3. 4 Points were assigned to each perk tree.
  4. The character is Level 10 but no points were assigned after leaving the Vault in Intro; I left it like that so you can put them in any way you want.
  5. No companions were used.
  6. Power Armour is at Red Rocket truck stop.
  7. Was played on Normal Difficulty, Survival Difficulty is available to select.
  8. NO MODS have been used, not even F4SE; I tried to make these save files as "clean" as possible.
  9. I HAVE used Console Commands: tgm (God Mode), coc (Teleport to Locations to avoid quests starting/triggering), Unlock ( to open a door to avoid starting a conversation with an NPC that is not part of Main Quest).
  10. No Faction quest or Side quests have been done. The game, unfortunately, gives some of them to you, there is no way to go around this.
  11. I have NOT looted anything since I left the Vault in Prologue; Not a single item was picked, the only items were picked up was items that were required to continue to the next quest. I assume you are familiar with Fallout 4 and Junks so I tried to avoid picking anything so I would not be over cumbered.
  12. I have NOT picked up any Collectibles; they are all at their original locations, you can go pick them up.
  13. Only things you have in your inventory are stuff from Intro Vault and a Tommy gun.

ZIP File contains the following save files:
1. Entrance of Concord
2. Entrance of Museum
3A. About to Leave to Diamond City A
3B. About to Leave to Diamond City B
4. Entrance of Diamond City
5. Entrance of Park Street Station
6A. Entrance of Vault 114
6B. Meet Valentine
6C. About to leave Vault 114
7A. Start of Getting a Clue Quest
7B. Dogmeat at Diamond City
8A. Exit of Diamond City with Dogmeat (Reunions)
8B. Entrance of Fort Hagen
8C. Leaving Fort Hagen
9. Back at Diamond City (Dangerous Minds)
9A. Entrance of Goodneighbor
9B. About to sit on Memory Lounger
10. Leaving Goodneighbor (The Glowing Sea)
10A. Entrance of Crater of Atom
10B. Entrance of Rocky Cave
11. Leaving Rocky Cave (Hunter,Hunted)
11A. CIT Ruins
11B. Entrance of Greenetech Genetics
11C. Top Floor
12. Leaving Greenetech Genetics (The Molecular Level)
12A. Boston Common (RR Road to Freedom)
12B. Entrance of RR HQ
12C. Rocky Cave

If you are OK with the notes above then download and select 1 of the save files from a quest or a location you want and extract and copy it to your Fallout 4 Saves folder in user Documents folder.

  • Use Console Command to Change Face ("ShowLooksMenu 14")or use Local Plastic Surgeon.
  • Use Console Command to Change Sex of the character ("SexChange")
  • Use Console Command to Change the name of the character ("ShowSpecialMenu")
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