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General_Fuzzy Pip-Boy Skinpack

Enhancements General_Fuzzy Pip-Boy Skinpack woodfuzzy

So, I've been modding Bethesda games for quite a while, mostly personal retextures and the like, so today I have finally decided to release something to the public. If this goes well I may consider releasing more of my work.

Today I bring you two new complete skins for your Pip-Boy. The first is a Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) operative pip-boy skin. The second is a Tootsie Roll themed skin. They are implemented the same way the creation club pip-boy skins are, except these are free :)

With version two, I have moved my designing over to Photoshop rather than Paint.NET, so the two original skins look better, and I have added two new work in progress skins. They work and look okay, but kind of basic.
First, is the "Apocalypse" theme. I want to really give it a New Vegas Divide kind of feel, but I will work on it more later.
Next up is the Alien Tech theme. I kind of took the idea of the Institute pip boy skin, and tried to make a pip-boy that looked like Zetans created. It still needs a lot of work, but My ESP file already has it usable as a skin and it still looks better than some of Bethesda's skins ;)

To install, place the files in the data folder and activate the ESP. This mod no longer has any requirements except that the game be updated to one of the more recent versions (After the Creation Club came out).
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