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CREAtive Clutter

Decorative CREAtive Clutter damanding


When you come home tired from cleansing the Wasteland of a bunch of scavvers you don't want to live like one. You want fun, awesome, cluttery bits that make your shack, mansion, or giant hippie commune feel like a real home. This mod adds over 800 decorations, furniture, food resources, and more for you to build using its own custom menu. Our menu works with both SKE and vanilla workshop menus and is custom organized to quickly find what you want.


If you don't read these instructions and follow them you may break your game. We warned you.

Uninstallation process is a little different starting with version 1.5. We are now using Settlement Menu Manager (SMM) for our menu injection method. While we don't strictly require SMM at this time, we most likely will require it in the future for all users. Might as well start using it now, it's a great mod and we hope more mod authors switch to it. However this mod still requires an uninstall chem to properly end all scripts associated with the ice cold drink cooling functionality.

Use the uninstall chem. If you don't do this there will be quests and scripts baked into your save game PERMANENTLY which can bloat your files and will cause error reports in your Papyrus logs.

1. Make the Creative Uninstall chem located in the Utility menu of your chemistry workstation and consume it.
2. Wait a minute or so for the chem to take effect.
3. You can then save, exit and remove the mod safely. If you don't do this you may have a broken menu and you will not be able to re-install Creative Clutter again until you fix the menu. If you have a broken menu see the FAQ for instructions on how to repair it.


Introducing "Lazy Furniture"
If you are tired of eye strain from obsessively compulsively nudging cluttery bits in just the right spot to decorate your furniture, we've got you covered. Want to decorate a settlement in a hurry, we've got you covered. Prewar, Postwar, Vault and Institute themed versions of a wide variety of pre-decorated furniture is available for your one-plop-stop decorating needs. Several non-themed pre-decorated items are also available. Finally build a printing press for Piper!

Introducing "Mini Crafting"
Fed up with workbenches that take up huge amounts of space? For those who need to cram functionality into a tiny footprint. Version 1.2 includes weapons, armor, cooking, Nuka Cola and two chem stations along with a custom workbench table with three snap points and a custom sink table with two snap points for personalized placement. Also compatible with all Do It Yourshelf furniture and clutter. CREAtive Clutter does not guarantee you will not fall through the map if you place the stations too low to the ground.

Introducing "MsRae's Horticulture"
Individually potted crops for your greenhouse using needs. Take up less space than traditional Wasteland Workshop plots. Great for settlements with minimal dirt-space available. Now with variable yield with the possibility of 1 to n ingredients with each harvest. Because of this, you will no longer get a notification when you harvest.

Introducing "Sarinia's Rainbow of Color"
Build all the things in a rainbow of beautiful colors. Starting in 1.5 we have a large number of items that come in multiple colors, both pre and post war. Many more items are planned for future updates! A new custom menu section was designed for these items to make it as easy as possible to get exactly what you want in the right color and level of dirt without scrolling through 10 billion items on the way there.


Q. Halp my settlement budget is full after building three tiny little plastic bins of weapons!
A. Ah yeah, that's gonna happen. Sorry. We pretty much strongly recommend you use a mod to increase your settlement budget. Many of our items are settlement budget hogs. If you have a seriously low end potato for a computer you may potentially experience performance hits as well. We recommend DDProductions83's Increased Build Limit Enhanced 4k

Q. Halp, my workshop menu is broken! Halp I have stuff baked into my save from your mod!

Q. Halp, I didn't read the last question and I uninstalled the mod the wrong way.
A. That's not really a question is it? If you're using SMM, run the "Settlement Menu Rescue" option in the SMM holotape to fix your menu. If you're not using SMM, you'll need to download the Universal Menu Fixer tool. Assuming this mod is currently uninstalled, install that esp and run it in game for a few minutes. Save and exit. Then uninstall that mod. It should fix your broken menu. However it can't fix the quest and script items leftover from the cooler containers that is now baked in your save game.

Q. Halp, I didn't read the last two questions or the uninstall directions and your stupid mod broke my game!
A. At this point I'm not sure we can help you. Maybe don't mod your game if you can't follow directions.

Q. Halp, do I have to use them uninstall chem when I'm updating the mod?
A. No. Just don't make or even open a save between uninstalling the old version and installing the new version. Correct process is to uninstall old version (no chem needed), install new version. Then you can safely open your game.

Q. Halp, I have a PS4 and I need this mod in my life for um reasons.
A. Sorry, unfortunately this mod uses nothing but custom assets and Sony does not allow the use of custom assets for PS4 players.

Q. Halp, I'm a PC or XBox1 player and I need this mod in my life for um reasons.
A. This mod is uploaded onto under the name "Crayonkit".

Q. Halp, I use all the old mods, will I need to uninstall them? Will I lose all that stuff?
A. The old mods being previous clutter mods made by some of the authors that have been rolled into this mod. See the Compatibility section below for details. It's your choice, there won't be any conflict if you continue to use the old mods and this one together. However these mods do take up a fair amount of space. If you choose to uninstall the old mods, items you built with them will be lost. But the pre-decorated lazy furniture in this mod will definitely save you time in re-decorating your settlements since it uses items from the old mods.
Note: This refers to the older mods: Dino's Decorations by Dinozaurz, Crafting Goodies by Evanpox, and 2 mods by MsRae (see below in the Compatibility section). It does NOT refer to older versions of Creative Clutter. ALWAYS remove older versions of Creative Clutter when installing updates. Do NOT open the game between uninstall of the old and install of the new.


Working Stove: NPCs/player hovers 10 units off the ground whilst cooking. This is due to the stove model being 10 units taller than the cooking station model. Fortunately you're probably not looking at their feet. If it's gonna bother you, you can modpos z -10 the stove into the ground to make the animation and the stove line up. Additionally, because the cooking animation is centred on the left-side of the stove, having the stove too close to a wall on that side will obstruct the animation and prevent the cooking menu from opening. We have no way to fix this issue.

Cooking Grills: NPCs/player will have some funny looking animation clipping with the grills. The animation used was not designed to be used with the grill in this way. DAmanding might re-make the mesh in the future with a different stool and a bit of moving things around more, but it's never going to be perfect anyway.

Mini Crafting Workbenches: These are designed to snap to Do-It-Yourshelf compatible bookshelves and tables or to the included custom workbench tables. Using Place Everywhere you can add them to any piece of furniture you want. However, keep in mind that depending on the height of the furniture you use you will either float off the ground or sink into the ground. If you place the mini workbench to close to a wall or too close to the ground you may obstruct the animation and prevent the crafting menu from opening. We have no way to fix this issue.

New Stained Glass Lamps and neon lights: If you pick up the new stained glass lamps or neon lights in workshop menu and cancel out of the menu without placing them again, the light nodes may become disjointed from the object. Pick them up again in workshop mode and they should be fine.


This mod uses a script injected menu to add our own custom menu to the very end of the vanilla workshop menu. Therefore it should be compatible with everything. Even SKE. Starting with version 1.5 this mod now requires Settlement Menu Manager for proper mod uninstallation. If you absolutely refuse to use SMM, you will need to use an uninstall chem to safely uninstall this mod. You also need to scrap ALL containers that add drink cooling functionality before uninstalling the mod. There's a whole section on proper uninstall method near the top of the page.

This mod does NOT replace "Do It Yourshelf", the two mods will always remain separate. However this mod DOES include content that is compatible with DIY. Dinozaurz is considering adding DIY compatible content from Creative Clutter into DIY directly via a script so that it will only be available if both mods are installed.

That said, this mod makes the following mods now obsolete and they will no longer be supported. All of their content is now included in this mod: Dinozaurz's Dino's Decorations mod, Evanpox's Crafting Goodies mod, and Ms.Rae's Unique Containers and Bins O' Stuff as well as Ms.Rae's Wasteland Curtains.


EoW - Pre-War Books Retexture by Emissary of Wind. Trust us, your book stacks will look a lot less boring with this great texture mod.
Increased Build Limit Enhanced 4K by DDProductions83. CREAtive Clutter eats settlement budget for breakfast and then asks for second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea and dinner. DD's mod will increase your build limit.
Place Everywhere by TheLich. Lets you place items in buildmode anywhere.
Unicorn Farts and Godrays by MunkySpunk. Includes stained glass lamps like the ones here, but with many more patterns and variety.

There are lots more videos on the Video's tab, please go check them out!


Творческий беспорядок - Russian translation by Vasabi90. Uploaded at with permission and thanks.
Traducción al español del mod CREAtive Clutter - Spanish translation by TRSsjk. Uploaded on with permission and thanks. Please note that these translations may be for older versions of the mod and we are not responsible for updating translations.


Extra Special Credits:
The website was very generous and gave us permission to use their Fallout 4 themed PSA textures as posters in the mod. Check out their site as a thanks! Proof of permission is already on file with Nexus staff.

Update 1.5 is a very significant update and would not have been possible without the assistance of a few people not on the team. 1000101 (E) did a significant amount of scripting work and esp setup to support the scripting for this update. The cooling functionality and DLC/mod detection are E's work. Casputin not only contributed various custom meshes and collision, he also spent many many hours testing for us. Kinggath had also created a DLC detection script for us which worked marvelously, however the later addition of the cooling functionality and its own need for DLC detection necessitated in switching to a script written by E for this purpose. Kinggath also wrote a custom version of Settlement Menu Manager script for our needs which is in use. Finally Robboten wrote and shared several xEdit scripts with members of the team that made a huge difference in reducing the amount of effort needed to add well over 100 items to the new Colors section of the mod.

DAmanding would like to thank the following for help in learning 3ds Max 2013 making it possible to begin improving collision for the items in this mod: Ethreon, KKthebeast, NaiRae, Robboten, and Thirdstorm. They've also assisted other members of the team quite a bit in many ways.

Credits: (see the full up to date list here)
  • 1000101 (E) for scripting
  • Aesfocus for vault bed blanket texture
  • BigAndFlabby for fixing our scripts when E was unavailable
  • BlastoLho for cigarette carton/pack textures
  • Cadpnq for general scripting help
  • Casputin for improved collision on several items, making custom display cases, Cat Ass Trophy, extensive testing
  • Chucksteel for bar taps
  • Crossorder for the mortar and pestle used in one of the DIY shelves, the textures are vanilla Bethesda textures
  • Elianora for pen cup and toothbrush cup ideas (we made our own)
  • Ethreon for improved collision on several items, empty jet inhaler
  • Femshepping for bed and other furniture re-textures
  • Heaventhere for cigar boxes
  • Heirflick for the idea of food in cat/dog bowls (we made our own)
  • Jet4571 for eyeglasses
  • Kinggath for scripting
  • LoneRaptor for the jar mesh and textures used for the pigment jars (the pigment portion is textured by MunkySpunk, the mesh portion of the pigment is by KKthebeast). The jars are from his Commonwealth Pizza mod.
  • MunkySpunk for several donated meshes including synth ashtray, soap dish and towel rack, 4 custom book textures, plus numerous other textures (stained glass, paint cans, paint brushes, paint rag/towel, blue tape, etc.)
  • NaiRae for the custom telephone bench mesh and textures (undecorated)
  • RedRocketTV for a number of donated meshes including the robot and car model kits, the new Dogmeat bed, and some general clutter
  • Robboten for xEdit script assistance
  • Se7enraven for playing card resources
  • See the Permissions tab for full details.

Permissions: (see the full up to date list here)
    • Ask first
    • Attribution required
    • Non-commercial use only
  • See the Permissions tab for full details.

-New items, bug fixes. See Changes tab for details.

This mod combines the work of eight mod authors, including some of the previously published works of other mods by these authors. Now you can get it all in one, with a whole lot of new stuff added. The first four initials of the mod, CREA, also happen to be the initials of the initial team's real names.


Do It Yourshelf - clutter for shelves and bookcases
Dino's Decorations - clutter arrangements for your settlements


MsRae's Horticulture
MsRae's All the Overalls - Vanilla CBBE Bodyslide
MsRae's Riverside Bungalow
MsRae's Commonwealth Interiors


Modular Kitchen


Home Plate Exterior Revamped
Functional Bridges


Immersive Lawn Flamingos
Makeup For Men - Non-Replacer Standalone
Travis' Terrific Tips
Trailer Park Dreams - Sim Settlements


Fallout 4 Seasons - Grass - Trees - Plants - Snow
Springtime Flowers
Exotic Harvestables - Far Harbor Plants
Wild Harvestables
Summer Roses
Seasons - Colorful Leaves are Green
Hubflower Medley
Grassy LODs
Tree LODs and bonus Apple Blossom
Boston Ivy
Friendlier Marcy
Grasslands - Seasons Modular Patches
Craftable Birch Trees
Craftable Blossom Trees
Static Harvest Collection
School Desk - Child Settler Work Station
Craftable Birds
A Rainbow of (Child) Beds


Valkyrie - Angel of Death
CatDeco Floors and More


Charlie's Diner

V's Stylish Decor
V's Scavver Art
V's Community Art
V's Book Retexture
V's Rose Retexture for Taters and Tamaters

Are you thinking about making a settlement mod, but can't be bothered filling your amazing new settlement with all the bits and pieces to give it that lived-in, well-loved feel? We gotchu fam. Check out CREAtive Clutter for Modders!

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