Update 6.0.0 Wasteland Venturers with 7+2 new buildings

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    2 new plans in WV1 and 7 in WV2 for a total of 103 building plans in the All-In-One!

    Update 6.0.0 (WW2 and AIO):
    • Four new exterior plans: Snuggle up in the Station House home, keep your settlers clean with a Soap Factory, pimp the Chosen One’s car in the new recreational plot and scare off superstitious fools with the Deer Hunter Martial plot.
    • Adds three interior versions of the Mess Hall (recreational), Armory (martial) and Field Hospital (martial). These are new building types for Conqueror (if you don’t play with Conqueror they work as regular martial and recreational plots). Read more about their special bonuses here.
    • Two new flags, pirate and revolver themed.
    Update 7.4.2 (WV1 and AIO):
    • Adds a police themed martial interior plan, Copland.
    • Adds a second heavy agricultural (3x3) plot – Farmer’s Glue. Has the appropriate plants and adds Vegetable Starch to your workshop at later levels. With the ASAM-sensor on the plot pole you can customize the plot and choose an empty loft to place an interior plot. It is powered through the farm, though you need Place Everywhere to fit the interior plot.
    • Bodhi moves in to the Warchild Weapon’s Commercial level 3 and can be a city leader, traits: Truthseeker (no synth infiltrators), Party Animal (increases happiness) and Rebel (reduces taxes). Refresh the plot if you already have it at level 3.
    • The doctor’s experiments in the Thrifty Surgeon finally bear fruit at level 3, refresh it if you already have it at the final level.
    • Fixes the 3x3 Coffee farm skin so you can choose an empty loft and place an interior plot. Refresh the Coffee farm if you already have built it for the skin to function.
    • Fixes the Rocking Chair from the furniture store so that it doesn’t bounce around.
    Get the mods here:
    PC Nexus WV1
    PC Nexus WV2 and All-In-One
    XBOX WV1
    XBOX WV2
    PC Bethnet WV1
    PC Bethnet WV2


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