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wasteland venturers

  1. Tinuvia

    Update 8.1.0 Wasteland Venturers - Settler Uniforms and 5 new plots

    Update 8.1.0/7.4.5 [WV2, AIO] adds 5 new building plans; Van House, Moai, Citadel, Sunset, Stilted House [WV1, WV2, AIO] Adds Settler uniforms to all job plots. This new feature in Sim Settlements is disabled by default, turn it on under Immersion/Settler Uniforms in the MCM/holotape. The...
  2. Tinuvia

    Update 1.0.5 Atom's Glory - 19 more skins

    Atom's holy Crusaders! A plethora of Neophyte-friendly homes and shops is brought to you. The new update, version 1.0.5 contains: 19 new skins for the core Sim Settlements building plans (the 2x2 residentials, 2x2 shops, 2x2 recreational and 1x1 recreational). Now all buildings from the base SS...
  3. Tinuvia

    Update 1.0.4 Atom's Glory - new quest: Spiritual Crossroads

    Glorious devotees! A new Atomic Messiah has risen to proclaim the might of our lord Atom. Meet Baron Nucléaire and his minions. The new update, version 1.0.4, contains: new side quests, "Spiritual Crossroads" and "Building the Baron's plots" that unlocks a new commander, new special units and...
  4. Tinuvia

    Update 8.0.0 Wasteland Venturers - Make your own Ice Cream + 7 new plots

    Update 8.0.0/7.4.4 [WV2, AIO] adds 7 new building plans; The Wall and Rust Towers continue the junk wall plot series. Pirate House was born out of the frustration of placing houses on uneven ground. Little Lamp replaces the spoiler Church of Atom recreational that will make a reappearance in...
  5. Tinuvia

    Update 1.0.3 Atom's Glory - new Armory and Squad support

    Fellow Atomites! Through the grace of Atom, a new update is delivered to you! Hotfix version 1.0.3a now available, primarily for players who had unlocked the special units before updating to 1.0.3. Adds support for new functionality in Conqueror with a faction salute and descriptions for the...
  6. Tinuvia

    Update 1.0.2 Atom's Glory - adds 6 building skins and bugfixes

    Update 1.0.2 Adds 6 new Atom themed skins for the Sim Settlements building plans; all the vanilla interior shops. Fixes a very weird bug that could cause the Conqueror supermutant Maul to not appear. Fixes the radiant quest "Gather Atom's Glow" so that it gives new locations after you have...
  7. Tinuvia

    Update 1.0.1 Atom's Glory - adds 23 building skins

    Atom themed skin for the interior martial [SS] Security Office. Skins for the SS 2x2 farms - the glow is strong! 23 new Atom themed skins for the Sim Settlements building plans; all the interior industrial, residentials, farms and martial, all the 2x2 farms, the 2x2 industrial and the 1x1...
  8. Tinuvia

    Atom's Glory Liberator Faction Pack - now available!

    Child of Atom liberator faction for Conqueror. Includes quests, custom armor, weapons, building plans, skins for the Conqueror plots, new faces and reworked vanilla dialogue. Embrace the Glow! Starting up Go to Jalbert Brothers and investigate what killed the Children of Atom there. A Sim...
  9. Tinuvia

    WIP: Atom's Glory - Liberator faction pack

    Here are some WIP pics of our upcoming faction pack for Sim Settlements Conqueror. Right now we're working on fixing two of the quests and doing some final touch-ups. Starting up quest: Unlock items as you progress through the main quest line and take over settlements, spreading Atom's glow...
  10. Tinuvia

    Update 7.0.0 Wasteland Venturers with 7 new building plans

    Update 7.0.0 (WV2) Two new exterior plans: Carlas Recreational plot – this isn’t the shop you might expect, but we always thought Carla needed a properly furnished place to hang out. Secondly, the Metal Shack - A workshop home with a touch of extra junk. Five interior versions of the new...
  11. Opi Vali

    Suggestion Interdependent plots

    I would like to see a few plots that support the vender plots that would kind of give them kind of a level 4 or 5. A laundromat would upgrade a clothing merchants inventory to clean versions, etc. I’m not sure what would work for other kinds of venders.
  12. Tinuvia

    Update 6.0.0 Wasteland Venturers with 7+2 new buildings

    2 new plans in WV1 and 7 in WV2 for a total of 103 building plans in the All-In-One! Update 6.0.0 (WW2 and AIO): Four new exterior plans: Snuggle up in the Station House home, keep your settlers clean with a Soap Factory, pimp the Chosen One’s car in the new recreational plot and scare off...
  13. Tinuvia

    Wasteland Venturers now 85MB smaller for xbox!

    We've used a different method for the building plans. This made it possible to reduce the file size of Wasteland Venturers (WV1) by a whopping 85 MB while keeping all the content the same. So grab it now! XB1 Hopefully this will also help you guys with the file management when the new Conqueror...
  14. Tinuvia

    Update for Wasteland Venturers - 7 + 3 new buildings

    Update 4.0.0 (WV2 and AIO): 7 new buildings (+3 in WV1 for a total of 87 building plans in the AIO). Two custom shops: a Raider Grill and a Sad Shoe, thanks to Captain Coots’ excellent tutorial and Eldarth’s scripting magic. Our first industrial plot is a Knobbly radioactive affair with a...
  15. Tinuvia

    Update 7.0.1 - also on Xbox, fix for spotlights

    Version 7.0.1 sets the spotlights of the martial plots as plot powered, small fixes for Icecream&Power, Wicker Scarecrow, El Duderino’s, Wild Forest. We actually managed to reduce the file size (found a few redundant meshes, and lowered some texture resolutions for xbox), so this version is...
  16. Tinuvia

    Looking for Xbox players to help test

    For our latest update (6.0.1a) we used a different archive packager that reduces the file size of Wasteland Venturers on from 334MB to 200MB. Some other addons use this packager for, but since we don't play on xbox we'd like help from xbox users to confirm that the new...
  17. Tinuvia

    Update 6.0.1a (xbox) and 6.0.1b (Nexus) - Wasteland Venturers

    Two small fixes - the Caretaker's Tower can now really only be built by the player and the bed in level 1 Fisherman's Hut counts as a bed. Nexus (pc) and Bethesda (xbox)
  18. Tinuvia

    Bugfix 6.0.1 for users (Wasteland Venturers)

    Several files were lost in the upload to for both PC and XBOX. Version 6.0.1 fixes this, so please download the new version if you have 6.0. Sorry about this, and thanks to @mlwest1970 for letting us know :)
  19. Tinuvia

    Update 6.0 - six new plots

    Version 6.0 adds: Six new plots: four homes, one recreational and one martial 1x1. The Caretaker’s Tower home has a player bed as well and can only be built by the player, with the ASAM sensor (due to possible performance impact). New functionality for the farms where the basic "Regular"...